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  1. francisco12 added a post in a topic [GB] [CM7] [2.3.7] CyanogenMod 7 for the ZTE Crescent [ROM] [Last updated: 28/06]   

    Added the two shared files from google maps (, and to there appropriate folders in root.
    Hope this is of use to anyone else with the same problem.
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  2. francisco12 added a post in a topic [GB] [CM7] [2.3.7] CyanogenMod 7 for the ZTE Crescent [ROM] [Last updated: 28/06]   

    Finding this ROM to be nearly perfect for me; just having 1 issue with an app not working. RBS banking app shows as incompatible when I have cyangen 7 installed but works with fish n chips. Is there a work around (no mobile site for rbs or I'd not be bothered)?
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  3. francisco12 added a post in a topic Sms issues   

    You are right, was not sure what information would help.
    Using the stock sms app any messages I try to send constantly say sending.
    Yes I checked the smsc and it is correct, I would assume the network is fine as I can receive sms and still phone people.
    On ee network using the tmobile operator.
    Just tried Handcent and I can send sms now with that.
    So I all fixed then (kind of), thankyou.
    Any idea why the stock app fails (I prefer the stock app personally but either way thankyou for the advice)?
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  4. francisco12 added a topic in ZTE Blade 2 / Crescent -   

    Sms issues
    After 1 or 2 days of installing a rom (tried fnc, kickass and cm7) I lose the ability to send sms. Phone still receives and makes phone calls, and can receive sms.
    Any ideas?
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  5. francisco12 added a post in a topic [ROM] Kickass Rom V1.1b [2.3.5] [Sep14]   

    Liking this Rom alot, just one question.
    Is it possible to remove entries from the settings menus?
    I removed several programs but the links in the settings are still there and it bugs me.
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