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  1. Fixed! Added the two shared files from google maps (com.google.android.maps.xml, and com.google.android.maps.jar) to there appropriate folders in root. Hope this is of use to anyone else with the same problem.
  2. Finding this ROM to be nearly perfect for me; just having 1 issue with an app not working. RBS banking app shows as incompatible when I have cyangen 7 installed but works with fish n chips. Is there a work around (no mobile site for rbs or I'd not be bothered)?
  3. Sms issues

    You are right, was not sure what information would help. Using the stock sms app any messages I try to send constantly say sending. Yes I checked the smsc and it is correct, I would assume the network is fine as I can receive sms and still phone people. On ee network using the tmobile operator. Just tried Handcent and I can send sms now with that. So I all fixed then (kind of), thankyou. Any idea why the stock app fails (I prefer the stock app personally but either way thankyou for the advice)?
  4. After 1 or 2 days of installing a rom (tried fnc, kickass and cm7) I lose the ability to send sms. Phone still receives and makes phone calls, and can receive sms. Any ideas?
  5. Liking this Rom alot, just one question. Is it possible to remove entries from the settings menus? I removed several programs but the links in the settings are still there and it bugs me.