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  1. ZTE Grand X Pro

    Szia! Itt nézz körül: http://apeelme.blogspot.com Ez pedig a kapcsolódó fórum (érdemes visszaolvasni, még nem olyan sok, majd nyomonkövetni): http://m.mobilarena.hu/tema/re_zte_blade_super_orult_ellentet/friss.html
  2. ZTE Grand X Pro

    I will upload dumps later, when I am at home, but I can tell how to do it yourself. By the way I recommend to make a backup of your nvram, because without that you cannot retrieve your phone on bad flashing in the future. So the steps: Create a scatter file with MTKDroidTools then browse it to SP Flash Tool just like when you wants to flash. After that click on "Read back" tab then (the silly part...) add the required regions manually: click on add then enter a start address from the scatter file, then in windows calculator's developer mode (or programmer mode? Sorry my windows is hungarian) switch to hexadecimal and compute the size by subtracting the start adress from the start address of the next partition. It's f*king crazy, but it doesn't loads automatically from scatter (but SP flash tool will save it to an ini file). Lastly press the read button then connect your phone in power off state and wait. Don't forget to never share your nvram backup with anybody. The last important partition is "android" (this is system). And an attention: don't run memory tests on the last tab, because that can write random data to emmc and overqrites everithing, so NEVER USE. Whit read back functions you cannot brick your phone. I will upload my dumps even if you make too, because my phone named to blade super and yours named grand x pro. Same hardware, but who knows...
  3. ZTE Grand X Pro

    I can make dump of all partitions with SP Flash Tool (recovery and boot too) but I dont't know what is META-INF in a firmware. AFAIK META-INF folder holds certifications inside apk and update zip files.
  4. ZTE Grand X Pro

    Do you post the full path of that file? I cannot find it.
  5. ZTE Grand X Pro

    My phone is works again :D A very kind blade super owner sends me his rom dumps and saved my life :D Lesson 1: Don't use SP Flash Tools, if you don't know exactly what you are doing! SP Flash Tool is a very useful app, but before use it to anything, you must be read a lot and don't trial its functions accidentally like me! Lesson 2: Before every flashing, make backup from every partition (especially from the nvram because every device's nvram is unique (imei)) with the Read back function of SP Flash Tool! MTKDroidTools by Rua1 is also can make nvram backup. Cheers!
  6. ZTE Grand X Pro

    I'm a complete idiot! I tried an apk to repartition data to disable internal sd. The app says it's an universal tool for mtk657x phones. After the patch my phone wont boot, just show the ZTE logo, and CWM says no data partition. I tried to format with SP Flash Tool and select format expect bootloader and nvram bin region, then download the boot.img and recovery.img from my cmw nandroid backup, and now my phone is not turned on :wacko: Still reacts to SP Flash Tool downloads but wont turn on. What can I do? Anybody has a full image set for this phone to flash the entire rom? I only have a scatter file, and a nandroid backup.
  7. ZTE Grand X Pro

    By the way, anybody knows how to remove the battery from this phone? It fitting so tight and I cannot grab it... it so frustrated... I don't want to scratch it. I just wondering what can I do if my phone freezes in the future and needs a battery remove :wacko:
  8. ZTE Grand X Pro

    Good news! I successfully flashed a CWM (clockworkmod) recovery to this device. Just download mtkdroidtools from somewhere (google is your friend, I used version 2.4.8) and it makes all the magic :D . First of all: DO IT TO YOUR OWN RISK, IT CAN BRICK YOUR PHONE! I tested it on my ZTE Blade Super that AFAIK the same as the ZTE Grand X Pro (it has a V983 label under the back cover). I just recommend to make a full nandroid backup of your phone with H3R3T1C's fantastic app (this may be useful in the future): https://play.google....r3t1c.onnandbup The steps: 1. Root your phone by the above link in Senzapieta's post (by Byn4ry). 2. Run MTKDroidTools, and waits for the app finds your phone. 3. Click on "ROOT" button and answer yes for the comfirmation question. 4. Click on "root, backup, recovery" tab. 5. Select "To use boot from phone" radio button then click on the big "Recovery and Boot" square button. Important: On any boot partition related question select no or cancel! We just want to flash the recovery partition this time! 7. Ask yes to question "To make CWM recovery automatically?". Believe it or not it works like a charm :D To enter recovery mode, just start your phone holding the volume down button. Use the vollume buttons and the power button to control CWM. Note: If you read "back button disabled" on the bottom of the screen and the power button toggles screen anable/disable other than selecting a menu item, just scroll down with volume buttons while you see "back button enabled", then everything just fine again. Now we just waits for some custom jelly bean rom ;)
  9. ZTE Grand X Pro

    Thanks man, it works for me! In Hungary, this phone named to ZTE Blade Super, but the hardware is the same. I share my experiences: At first try the phone doesn't rooted, and slowed down horribly, and reboot not solves it, but a factory reset from system menu fixed it, so I gave it to a second chance. The second try succeeded, so don't panic guys if the phone slows down like the hell, it not permanent, but you lose all user data in this case. Hope it helps anybody! Cheers! P.s.: Choose the normal mode in the batch file.
  10. Hi folks! Is it a good idea granting root access for an app that said it will work even if bluebox scanner says not? What if the entire master key story is a hoax and all droiders quickly install unknown apps like this? May be I am wrong, but it smells for me.
  11. Hi KonstaT! I'm frequently using Droidsound app to listen some chipsound music, but DSPmanager doesn't work with it (and with many sound app). Is there any workaround for it, or it works only in CM7? This is also an OMX lib thing? By the way this is my favourite ROM, even if I hear plain sound with Droidsound.;) Many thanks for it!