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  1. How about that Lenovo A8 A806. Price and specs are great! Not sure if there is WCDMA version...
  2. I am sorry. My post makes no sense at all! I wrote it in panic! It is Nibiru Mars One H1 I found some russian 4.4.3 that works! https://yadi.sk/d/vc3WWGzTXiDYQ if anyone is interested...
  3. Restoring IMEI? I flash few roms from needrom.com and few that I like have no network at all. Baseband: Unknown IMEI: Unknown I tried to restore IMEI with few methods, but no succes. Any ideas?
  4. Great phone I agree! But I cant afford it right now...I will look for cheaper solution. Thanks for your reply.
  5. Hello I am looking for a good and not to expensive 4G chinese phone. I just got my Nibiru Mars One H1 and I am selling it :( Doesnt have 4G So I was exploring a bit and everybody is talking about Moto G 4G I found Huawei Honor 3C on Minideal.net for 199$ But I am not sure about them, they accept Paypal, but their prices are lower then anywhere...so I am not really sure about them. What would you get, and from where? Lets say that top price would be about 230$
  6. Interesting that you said that. I have 3G working in slot 2(big one!) Micro is slot 1. I will get micro card somehow and test it in slot 1 and let you know the result.
  7. Hello...one easy question.... I have Nibiru Mars H1 Do both SIM card slots support 3G? I dont wanna cut my card untill I know xD Thanks!
  8. Doesn't work :\ but thanks for sharing... I downloaded this software, and it fails becouse(I think) I don't have proper USB drivers for my Nibiru. And can't find them :\ I guess I will have to wait for someone to root it...not very much info on net :\ Thanks anyway! EDIT: yeah! I rooted my phone successfully! I just followed this guy instructions. Next stop CWM! xD
  9. Hello It's 3rd day that I am using my new Nibiru H1 and it's great! If anyone is interested here my few comments about phone. Super fast...with 2GB ram it never lagging! Camera is pretty good...clear shots and very responsive! Battery...not so good. But I can last from morning till night, so it's enough. Body is quite large, so it's not very comfortable to hold. Bottom edges are very sharp, and it very slippery. Display is very good. When comparing to Samsung S4, samsung is noticeable brighter, but still very good display. It's currently at 4.2.2 and I hope for update. My biggest problem is root. So if anyone knows how to root it, please inform! Thank you.
  10. I will try later and write here result :D Thank man...hvala brate... EDIT: OK! So I did it... GB MIUI works fine, and after that I tried V5 after removing U8818 lines and that works too!(not so smooth :\ ) (Thanks for the links and help) anyway...I found this gapps couse I really don't want 80MB gapps... http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2435683 But it for JB4.3 and version on V5 MIUI is JB4.1.2 So I ask you, can I use it?
  11. My bad. Latest is 4.6.13 as you said. Is this link to MIUI GB for 8815 or 8818? I am not that experienced to change the lines in code 0.o
  12. Hello I am interested in MIUI ROM. I have KK on my G300 now and it's pretty laggy. So on official MIUI page i can see V5 5.6.13 for U8818. Is it needed to change all 8818 lines to 8815 and can this be flashed using CWM like CM mods, or I need to follow some other procedure? Haaalpp! Thank you xD oh...And if you thing this MIUI rom is also laggy what would you recommend?
  13. Hello! Just 2 things to report... Maybe this mentioned earlier in the posts, but sorry for not reading all 50 pages of this topic. I get random network failures. My network get lost and can't find any network until reboot. This happens randomly. My friend has the same phone and same ROM so I pretty sure it is ROM problem, not just my phone. Second thing I got in mind is not bug, just my wish. Please add flashlight to Quick settings panel. (Maybe there is a way, I didn't find it o.0 ) Thanks you for great work, keep on!
  14. Hello A bit of help needed. you write: "You must wipe data/factory reset after installing the toggles! This will obviously wipe the phones data (apps, settings, and maybe internal storage) so make a backup. I just wiped all data and installed ROM ver 3.5 And I want to install toggles now.... Do I have to wipe all over again and install toggles first, then ROM or what? Thank!
  15. I was just browsing and found this serbian version, and post it here, didn't know about the general :D... Thanks a lot for the general version link!