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  1. i've just install this rom from cm 9 and i dont have included apps like no frill, es file explorer any ideas? Nevermind i fixed this problem by updating CWM and clearing cache ;)
  2. Finally!! I found the solution. I restore GB method with the imiei hack tool. They cost me 2 day with the method tries and mistakes. I dont know why other method doesnt work but i resolve the solution.
  3. Yep, but now im trying with other way with restoring imei.
  4. Yep i have 2030 baseband and im want install atomicmod with 19808 so i need that zip file to downgrade baseband. On the description they writing that the baseband have cwm so at te beginning im install zip and restart my phone with push volume+ and it freeze at logo screen. I have exacly the same problem when i install baseband zip and then rom with the same result. Im not sure if that time i do all wipes. I try again if that not work i will write you. Yep ill do all wipes, and im stuck on logo screen. So always i must install update.app that my phone work. Im do this from stock rom 4.0 now btw.
  5. Hey. I Have a one question. Im installing this from cwm, my rom is stock + and how i must do correctly? Im do this that im first install zip with baseband and at once im installing rom for example im install atomicmod. But always im stuck on logo screen, im trying with other rom but with the same reason.
  6. Is there mod for killing aps with holding back button? Because is very small useful thing. Sorry for my english :).