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    Mobile Broadband on a Budget (or FREE!)

    The above is all good and well but how about piggybacking off of your own android phones network, which is completely free. All you got to do is share the network connection from your phones WiFi or blue-tooth, Just do the following: First you will have to pair your tablet to your phone make sure to turn on discoverable mode. 1. click settings 2. click more 3. click tethering and portable hotspot 4.click configure wifi hotspot 5. enter a network name of your choosing for exp:( my phone ) then chose a password click save 6. click portable wifi hotspot or blue-tooth tethering (which ever you want to run off of,( i find blue-tooth runs better when phone is next to my tablet).let it find and your phone, click connect. Viola, you are now sharing your phones internet connection completely free using your phones data plan.