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    ZTE v880 bricked?

    Oh, by the way if i TPT an image, it shows android logo or C7 logo and restart, and show again and restart, and the logo moves its position, its kind of a loop.
  2. Hi guys, i searched all around the place and didn't found any answer, that's why i'm posting here, here is what i did: I wanted to factory restore my phone because i was going to sell it: 1) I've flashed a china version using the Flasher tool in download mode; 2) When i turned on, phone botted and a word appeared FTM; 3) I thought that now i could use the ZTE Update tool to get my original system, but.... When i connect cellphone to pc it does not reconize it, only when i put my phone into download mode it appears at port COM 12 Now i'm stuck, it doesn't matter if i flash a new rom it always go to the FTM screen or to the ClockWorkMod screen if i install the clockworkmod MY device is a ZTE v880 i think they call it ZTE Blade? not sure kindest regards,