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  1. xeros2 added a post in a topic Google Cardboard (DIY 3D VR Glasses for 5-inch smartphones) support   

    Thx for reply.
    Yeah, that's a pitty.
    Well, there are very few apps that can use accelerometers as alternative for gyroscope.
    But anyway, I think that cardboard could be at least good for 3D movies watching (versions with less zooming lens).
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  2. xeros2 added a post in a topic Coolpad F1 8297w - Review / Info / Software / Custom Roms   

    Would anyone check any of apps that I posted here and answer with info that it works or not and on which ROM version it was tested?
    Thank you in advance.
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  3. xeros2 added a post in a topic CM 12   

    Thanks rarzorinc, no problems with flashing other ROMs using this TWRP version also?
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  4. xeros2 added a post in a topic Google Cardboard (DIY 3D VR Glasses for 5-inch smartphones) support   

    Anyone to at least try the apps/games/demos on other ROMs only?:
    or other VR cardboard apps/games.
    They don't work properly on CoolUI 4.2.2, but I'd like to know if there's no such problem on other ROMs.
    Carboard glasses are not needed to check if any of those apps work or not - just the phone and app installation from Google Play.
    155 views since yesterday and nobody wants to help with checking it?
    I would check it myself flashing other ROMs, but I have everything configured "for me" on current ROM and need to be available on the phone all the time.
    I think it's worth a try - our phone should fit requirements (including display - newer cheap cardboard or plastic VR glasses are OK with 720P on 5") and people trying such cardboards are very surprised how fun it is for both "big screen" movie watching or other true VR games/apps.
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  5. xeros2 added a topic in CoolPad F1   

    Google Cardboard (DIY 3D VR Glasses for 5-inch smartphones) support
    Has anyone tried to use Google Cardboard app & glasses ( https://www.google.com/get/cardboard/ ) with our Coolpad F1 on any ROM?
    I've found info about it today and I tried to test apps first before I'll decide for glasses, but unfortunately most apps for that have problems on CoolUI 4.2.2 041 that I still use (black split screen only on official demos & just vertical lines (but also split screen) on Unity-based games).
    Would you please it check if it's the same on other 4.2.2 & 4.4.2 ROMs that you use?
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  6. xeros2 added a post in a topic Cases/covers   

    Well, since beginning I'm using cheapest transparent silicone cover (which got already yellow and ugly and I'm also looking for a bit prettier replacement).
    It's definitely one of the bests to protect the phone of any accidents as my phone got dropped from very fast bicycle ride to hard ground - it got bounced many times, but fortunately everything is OK, no sign of this accident (not mentioning other smaller drops & sits on it).
    I was looking for replacement now as I even can't cleanup this silicone cover and it's making problems with charger connector (I could cut that part from the case but then I think that phone could get dirt in the MicroUSB socket).
    I thought about that pretty glass+aluminium frame covers but they are a bit more expensive than the cash that I want to spend on a cover and I'm very worried that I's not too good for phone protection.
    So I see some cheaper alternatives that althrough they are a bit more thicker and not as glossy but from first sight look like they give more protection (small frame over the screen & plastic back):
    What do you think about them?
    Edit: I have bought one of them & I'll share impression when I'll receive it (in around a month).
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  7. xeros2 added a post in a topic Coolpad F1 8297w - Review / Info / Software / Custom Roms   

    I haven't got any reply so in case if anyone would find such info useful...
    Card arrived today & works fine (after formating & allign of FAT32).
    First results (having all ~32GB of data copied from previous one, many (hundreds of tousands) small files, 349 installed apps, CoolUI 4.2.2 installed few months ago (not clean install)):

    (A1 SD Bench)
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  8. xeros2 added a post in a topic Coolpad F1 8297w - Review / Info / Software / Custom Roms   

    Thanks a lot, usermau!
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  9. xeros2 added a post in a topic Coolpad F1 8297w - Review / Info / Software / Custom Roms   

    Has anyone any experience with Kingston SDCA3/64GB microSDXC UHS-I U3 card (90R/80W)?
    I'm going to buy it today for F1.
    Up to now I'm using SDCA10/32GB microSDHC UHS-I U1 card (90R/45W), which works great in F1, but I'm running out of space all the time so looking for bigger capacity with equal or better performance.
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  10. xeros2 added a post in a topic Help with ordering charge cable from Ebay   

    Strange that I have the same problem but with stock cable. I agree that's very annoying.
    Many other cables tested work a lot better with my F1 (for example stock from Lenovo A850+, stock charger from my childs old Samsung Galaxy Y, tablets… ).

    I'm also searching for cheap good (at least a bit longer) cable.
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  11. xeros2 added a post in a topic ALL ABOUT KERNEL SOURCE,KERNEL PARTITION,STORAGE ETC(F1,A310,POLYMER)   

    Not the hardware but kernel! I'm pretty sure that's possible on our hardware.
    The problem is that we don't have complete kernel source.
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  12. xeros2 added a post in a topic Coolpad F1 8297w - Review / Info / Software / Custom Roms   

    Thanks a lot dakok & mixanikosgr!
    Both advices helped a bit, but suggestion from mixanikosgr about Audio_ver1_Vol_custom was the root cause of issue.

    I can't believe that I have missed that - permissions for /data/nvram/APCFG/APRDCL/Audio_ver1_Vol_custom were for root UID & GID only.
    That's why MobileUncle couldn't save modified values.

    Solutions are two (with similar result)
    1. Fix permissions:
    chown root:nvram /data/nvram/APCFG/APRDCL/Audio_ver1_Vol_custom chmod 660 /data/nvram/APCFG/APRDCL/Audio_ver1_Vol_custom or
    2. Remove the /data/nvram/APCFG/APRDCL/Audio_ver1_Vol_custom file & reboot.
    Now I have increased Max. Vol. in MobileUncle from 116 to 132 for "Headset Mode" (seems to be max possible without sound dissortion, but even such value is noticeably louder than previous).
    And I started to use Viper4Android FX, too - with most of mixanikosgr settings (but without using so much bass in Sound Dynamics & without equalizer, but using other clearing options - like Clarity Mode: OZone+, DDC: Apple - EarPods (iP5),...).
    Btw. previously I have used "high quality" sound libraries and I didn't realize that "best quality" (dualcore+ requirement warning) libs have a lot better sound.
    mixanikosgr, I do realize that my earphones are far from good quality, but anyway I have tested them with other devices before and I was aware that I should be able to get louder / better sound from F1 on them (which I have achieved now, thanks to your & dakok advices).
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  13. xeros2 added a post in a topic Coolpad F1 8297w - Review / Info / Software / Custom Roms   

    Thanks dakok, but it seems that it's making opposite result.
    As I see with using advanced settings in Viper4Android FX, on CoolUI any increase values are set opposite (it can only lower volume to values below 0, when using any effects (for example power "increase": 0dB, -1.0dB, -1.9dB, -3.0dB, -6.0dB, -10.5dB).
    Similar thing with V4A builtin equalizer - increasing bass only lowers higher sounds but doesn't increase bass and increasing high sounds it only lowers bass.
    Unfortunately, lowering volume on any frequencies also lowers it.
    From the first use, I was blaming rather cheap earphones, but I have tested them connected to laptops and other phones and there were no such problems and they worked better if I have increased volume.
    What also makes me wonder is Max vol. in MobileUncle - for everything, in any modes it's always 116, while it should be 160 (any tries to change it make no results - value is not remembered and makes no change).
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  14. xeros2 added a post in a topic Coolpad F1 8297w - Review / Info / Software / Custom Roms   

    Sorry for OT, but has anyone found any way to tweak volume levels on CoolUI 4.2.2? It seems that trying to change volume levels using MTKTweak or any equalizers/boosters do not make any effect on volumes (althrough they worked fine on both 4.2.2 & 4.4.2 AOSPs).
    Now I have bought earphones which sound is too low (was almost fine on previous ones) so I thought about tweaking sound and got a problem above.
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  15. xeros2 added a post in a topic [ROM][4.2.2][F.I.R.E.] Funtouch OS [Repack]   

    Thanks, I was hoping not only for sound quality & tuning (but that's indeed great), but also photo quality & some other things from those Funtouch addons visible on screenshots to use as replacement for usually installed additional apps on clean ROMs:
    iManager, Multitask Window, App Management, CPU Mode, Ad Reject, etc.
    Are they useful & not consuming battery (by many wakelocks etc.)?
    On screenshots they look impressive.
    How does task manager (iManager?) perform on this ROM? quick & easy to use (like oneclick widget or sth), no hickups or other issues? can it have whitelisted apps that shouldn't be killed?
    Regarding Titanium Backup - thanks for info, but I usually install apps manually anyway (when changing so different ROMs) and only for some of them (not much system integrated) I restore data backups - takes more time, but safer and less error prone in case if ROM is too much different than previous one.
    Sorry for many questions, but I need to have 100% working phone all the time and don't have time for changing ROMs.
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