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  1. It happens to me also at about 3/4 boots so once it boots properly I try to don't let it switch off. In my case system_server eats 100% cpu and ui is completely frozen, but ADB connection still works and I can kill system_server via ADB to get something like soft-reboot (without kernel restart).   Do you have screen rotation disabled? Try to quickly enable it after boot. Possibily it could be the case.   Btw. you don't have to take off the battery to switch it off on freeze - pressing power button for 30 seconds (or a minute?) will cut the power from it.
  2. [Q] Any news of jelly bean rom?

    hecatae, would you share some more info? On which projects do you currently work? What do you use together with this kernel? CM10 or CM9? Is it stable enough for everyday use? What works/doesn't work, yet? On #teamhacklg seems to be quite quiet and info in topic about work on Android 4.4 for L5/L7 ;-)
  3. CM9 for Lg Optimus L3 (E400)

    nikufellow, f3tus, that fix is working, thanks! Wavenskie, Even if it would be possible to enable 720p recording (it's not that impossible as you may think of) the quality would be still not better than it's currently. Anyway, I would like to get better FPS on current resolution.
  4. gellmar, have you found what's the issue with wifi tethering already? As I remember you've been working on it.
  5. INT2EXTV2+ for our device

    Idea is nice but doesn't it make any problems with apps started at boot? I remember such problems on some tablets when trying similar things as /system/etc/init.d/* scripts were running when dalvik was already started and it made problems with running or even visibility (in Settings -> Applications and shortcuts/widgets) of such apps. So I would think about lower level change for mount points. But... maybe there's no such problem here, is it?
  6. LG E400 stock roms

    V10S stock rom (NLD): http://csmg.lgmobile.com:9002/swdata/WDLSW/LGE400/ANLDBK/V10s_00/V10S_00.kdz
  7. [Q]Graphic Drivers

    CM9 kernel is based on sources from v10c, but recently LG has released v10q sources which should fix this issue (that's only on newer phones like yours) once somebody will merge them with CM9.
  8. Check boxes

    Few previous CM9 "nightly" builds had the same problem also. I use CM9 since fist January release and I remember this problem on all builds so far.
  9. Dev 3.0+ Kernel + CM 10.1/JB 4.2

    Don't you worry about hard to track stability issues after such big port of kernel? I suppose that dmesg output may be not enough. I would search in /proc/cmdline for settings (especially lge.*) used at boot to find in sources, /proc/{config.gz,devices,interrupts,iomem,misc,modules}, /proc/bus/input/devices, /proc/tty/drivers, /sys/devices/*, /sys/module/*. In attachments you'll find /proc and /sys dumps on CM9 kernel. Regarding 'dmesg', I don't have currently clean boot log that would have enough info since boot. Anyway, IMO, making upgrade from CM9 kernel sources for E400 in one (2.6.39.x) or two major versions up max (3.0.x) would be more reasonable than porting (and adapting) entire kernel from different source tree. And I know LG's mess in sources. I see similar mess in TVs code that's why I have decided to not upgrade kernel in OpenLGTV BCM and compile/port only necessary kernel modules on top of current kernel. Is there anything that you miss from 3.4 kernel that would be such big improvement for phone compared to currently used e400_cm9_proc.zip e400_cm9_sys.zip proc_config.zip
  10. CM9 for Lg Optimus L3 (E400)

    Yeah, I have upgraded for the same reason and there's no such app and API seems to be not backward compatible with stock FmRadio.apk from Android 2.3 or Spirit FM. I suppose that FM Radio is not (yet) enabled in build config for E400.

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