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  1. xeros2 added a post in a topic Coolpad F1 8297w - Review / Info / Software / Custom Roms   

    Sure, I use fast Kingston 64GB Class 10 U3 MicroSDXC (90MB/s Read / 85MB/s Write) without any issues since around beginning of this year.
    One thing is that I had to format it as FAT32 as kernel in F1 doesn't have exFAT support compiled in.
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  2. xeros2 added a post in a topic Battery Drain suggestions   

    Well, generally MT6592 is power hungry SoC, but...
    If you're interested mostly in YouTube then I would suggest to limit screen light and maybe use Tasker app (or sth similar) to disable 6 CPU cores & limit CPU+GPU frequency+voltage (to minimum required for fluent YouTube playback) when YouTube is started and return previous state when YouTube is stopped or other apps get started.
    In my case I have noticed quite big battery drains even when phone was in sleep state (but with 3G or WIFI enabled) so I've set it using Tasker to do such tricks for display off/on events and hibernate most apps in sleep state and it has improved battery drains in sleep mode quite much.
    I still have huge battery drains in high end gaming (around 3-3.5h SOT only in heavy games that take advantage of all 8 CPU & 4 GPU cores) so I should profile that better also, but at least phone waiting for IM messages, SMS, phone/video calls, e-mails... does not drain that much.
    I see also that you have much Cell standby and WLAN power usage - I could suggest to switch cellular connectivity to GSM (if you don't need 3G) - it should improve range & battery usage (it can be also profiled with Tasker to switch to 3G when you enable data connection) and increase WLAN scan intervals in build.prop.
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  3. xeros2 added a post in a topic Coolpad F1 gets Android 5.0 / Lollipop / Android L   

    I think it's the same rumour like with L for F1.
    MMX gets ROMs from Coolpad so I doubt that it will get official L, too.
    Sadly speaking, I think that development for F1/MMX has stopped.
    But I wish I was wrong.
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  4. xeros2 added a topic in CoolPad F1   

    [4.2.2] Bluetooth stopped working
    Did anyone got such issue that bluetooth "just stopped working"?
    When I try to enable it it's getting disabled in few secs.
    What I've found it's getting enabled in configuration (1 value for "bluetooth_on" in /data/data/com.android.providers.settings/databases/settings.db "system" table) but in menu it's still disabled and doesn't search for devices and it's not reachable.
    Other things that I've found (compared to backup with BT working) is that MAC address in "secure" table has been reset to 00:00:00:00:00:00 but even after changing it back to proper one it's still not working with the same result.
    In dmesg I found suspicious text:
    <5>[ 571.378340] (0)[1:init]init: starting 'bt_mac' <6>[ 571.378787] (0)[1:init]init: PropSet [init.svc.bt_mac:running] Start>> <6>[ 571.378933] (0)[1:init]init: PropSet [init.svc.bt_mac:running] Done <7>[ 571.402719] (0)[9002:write_bt_mac][exec] /system/bin/write_bt_mac(3) <7>[ 571.448608] (1)[9002:write_bt_mac][9002:9002:write_bt_mac] exit <7>[ 571.448893] (1)[9002:write_bt_mac][9002:write_bt_mac] sig 17 to [9000:sh]but googling didn't show anything for such exit signal from this process.
    Setting "bluetooth_on" to "0" in "system" table and reboot makes logs outputs a bit better for first attempt to enable BT (at first sight they look like it should work), but it still gets disabled afterwards.
    I have checked /data/nvram files for BT and /data/@btmtk and there it looks similar to backup and nothing useful in /proc & /sys to check from kernel side.
    I was thinking about some hardware problems as I've been using BT for connection to car engine computer few times for 7-8h/day of car driving and it seams it might have stopped working when I tried it once more or it could have been some unplanned phone reboot due to hang of launcher/app.
    Other than that, everything else works fine (just this BT isn't working).
    Just for info - I didn't try to clean data & ROM reflash - I've got used to repair broken things instead going easy way & start configuration/reinstallation from scratch (I have almost 300 apps & many of them are tightly integrated with system and specially configured that backup restore wouldn't be so easy in my case).
    Did anyone have such problem also and what was resolution for it?
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  5. xeros2 added a post in a topic Coolpad F1 gets Android 5.0 / Lollipop / Android L   

    Well, I (& all of us here, I think), was really counting on this 5.1 update because I'm looking for its features & fixes (including better compromise between performance & power consumption), because as I still use 4.2, I don't have any objections for performance, but battery life is very weak (even after removing, killing, freezing, hibernating most of apps), especially on when using more heavy tasks just for a couple of minutes each day.
    I really miss other kernel features that are not available in released JB & KK kernels so far, like I/O accounting, USB 3.0 charging support, USB Host (even non-powered), ExFAT & other FS support, better CPU & IO schedulers and CPU frequency scaling fixes (like CPU goes to static ~1142MHz in sleep state, regardless of cpufreq kernel settings for any scheduler to set min/max/cur frequencies, but from power consumption it looks like ~750-850MHz frequencies with 6 cores disabled (using only 2 cores) seem to be most power effective for sleep states for MT6592).
    Other things are mentioned GPU drivers - other phones with MT6592 & KK have better GPU kernel drivers for our MALI 450 (for example Lenovo A8/A806,...), which are better in both performance & power consumption.
    There are even more things waiting for fixes on Coolpad side, but these are the first things that come to my mind for kernel side.
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  6. xeros2 added a post in a topic Cases/covers   

    You're right, I shouldn't try to glue this metal ring - this part is ugly now.
    But... anyway, it still looks better than previous ugly silicone case (especially after that it changed it's color).
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  7. xeros2 added a post in a topic Cases/covers   

    Sorry, but I can't take a picture of phone with cover.
    I don't have any other device with camera with me (besides laptop with very poor 0,3M camera) to make a photo. All I could do is just cover photo without a phone, using F1 after removing it from cover:
    That metal ring for camera is not from this cover - it's the one that I have glued for use with external lens (and I sill have glue around it, which I'll have to clean).
    Originally camera hole looked exactly like on photos from case offer.
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  8. xeros2 added a post in a topic Cases/covers   

    Well, I was concerned about thickness, too, but it's not that thick as I thought.
    Anyway, for sure it's thicker than your previous cover (which replaced phone's back), but it's not bad and comparing it with my previous silicone cover or phone without a cover, this one I like the most & it seems that it gives at least some sort of phone protection (can't confirm that yet, unless I'll drop the phone).
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  9. xeros2 added a post in a topic Cases/covers   

    Finally received it (gold one). It's really awesome (exactly like on photos here):
    (I have bought it even cheaper from other seller, which had old case in his offer, but I asked does he have this new a'la iPhone 6 and he sent me the one above).
    It is really aluminium, back cover is comparable to "tempered glass" (maybe it's not real glass, but at least looks like good quality acrylic), which I bought sometime ago for screen protection.
    Buttons work even better than without the cover (and much better usable than in silicone cover), phone fits perfectly, not moving inside, metal frame is a bit higher than screen so looks like screen corners are somewhat protected from accident falling down, but phone is not that much thicker than without this cover (seems to be less thicker than with silicone case).
    Feeling of holding the phone in this case is very good, too (despite the back is slippery, but frame doesn't and phone doesn't seem to slip of the hand).
    I wear phone in jeans pocket (walking, running, pulling it in & out very often) and having such cover since about a week so far no scratches, but today I have sticked to it metal ring for magnetic additional lens (I have exchangeable telephoto 2x optical zoom, fisheye, wide & macro lens - these are quite nice equipment, too) using super glue (it didn't want to stick using it's own glue) and unfortunately some glue has slopped around so now I'm looking for a way to clean it to make it beauty again (washing liquid, soap, toothpaste, WD-40, hot water... didn't help so far but at least didn't corrupt the back cover, even that I tried to wipe it very hard in many ways).
    Anyway, it seems to be best cover that I had so far for any phone.
    Just one thing - transparent window for Coolpad logo is like on photo (up) so doesn't match logo on our phones (down side), but it doesn't affect anything and you can put inside there anything you want.
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  10. xeros2 added a post in a topic Google Cardboard (DIY 3D VR Glasses for 5-inch smartphones) support   

    Thx for reply.
    Yeah, that's a pitty.
    Well, there are very few apps that can use accelerometers as alternative for gyroscope.
    But anyway, I think that cardboard could be at least good for 3D movies watching (versions with less zooming lens).
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  11. xeros2 added a post in a topic Coolpad F1 8297w - Review / Info / Software / Custom Roms   

    Would anyone check any of apps that I posted here and answer with info that it works or not and on which ROM version it was tested?
    Thank you in advance.
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  12. xeros2 added a post in a topic CM 12   

    Thanks rarzorinc, no problems with flashing other ROMs using this TWRP version also?
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  13. xeros2 added a post in a topic Google Cardboard (DIY 3D VR Glasses for 5-inch smartphones) support   

    Anyone to at least try the apps/games/demos on other ROMs only?:
    or other VR cardboard apps/games.
    They don't work properly on CoolUI 4.2.2, but I'd like to know if there's no such problem on other ROMs.
    Carboard glasses are not needed to check if any of those apps work or not - just the phone and app installation from Google Play.
    155 views since yesterday and nobody wants to help with checking it?
    I would check it myself flashing other ROMs, but I have everything configured "for me" on current ROM and need to be available on the phone all the time.
    I think it's worth a try - our phone should fit requirements (including display - newer cheap cardboard or plastic VR glasses are OK with 720P on 5") and people trying such cardboards are very surprised how fun it is for both "big screen" movie watching or other true VR games/apps.
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  14. xeros2 added a topic in CoolPad F1   

    Google Cardboard (DIY 3D VR Glasses for 5-inch smartphones) support
    Has anyone tried to use Google Cardboard app & glasses ( https://www.google.com/get/cardboard/ ) with our Coolpad F1 on any ROM?
    I've found info about it today and I tried to test apps first before I'll decide for glasses, but unfortunately most apps for that have problems on CoolUI 4.2.2 041 that I still use (black split screen only on official demos & just vertical lines (but also split screen) on Unity-based games).
    Would you please it check if it's the same on other 4.2.2 & 4.4.2 ROMs that you use?
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  15. xeros2 added a post in a topic Cases/covers   

    Well, since beginning I'm using cheapest transparent silicone cover (which got already yellow and ugly and I'm also looking for a bit prettier replacement).
    It's definitely one of the bests to protect the phone of any accidents as my phone got dropped from very fast bicycle ride to hard ground - it got bounced many times, but fortunately everything is OK, no sign of this accident (not mentioning other smaller drops & sits on it).
    I was looking for replacement now as I even can't cleanup this silicone cover and it's making problems with charger connector (I could cut that part from the case but then I think that phone could get dirt in the MicroUSB socket).
    I thought about that pretty glass+aluminium frame covers but they are a bit more expensive than the cash that I want to spend on a cover and I'm very worried that I's not too good for phone protection.
    So I see some cheaper alternatives that althrough they are a bit more thicker and not as glossy but from first sight look like they give more protection (small frame over the screen & plastic back):
    What do you think about them?
    Edit: I have bought one of them & I'll share impression when I'll receive it (in around a month).
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