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  1. Sure, but 4.4 gets outdated by Google and apps developers - many apps require Android 5.1+ already. That's why I have switched to Lineage based on Android 6.0.1 and finally all apps that I needed work here, but I would switch to MIUI if it was based on any Android 5.1+.
  2. What about MIUI for F1? Does it use any Android base newer than 4.4? (like Lineage or ResurectionRemix ROMs)
  3. Few more bugs in this ROM: - phone unlocking sometimes gets hick-ups after few hours of use - it's irritating especially when someone calls me (I hear the ring but display is disabled for few up to 10 seconds before I'm able to answer), but after unlocking performance is smooth (it's not any of my apps issue - I use much less apps here than on 4.2.2 and nothing new) - maybe it can be better with other Launcher / Locker or set higher priority to locker, - accelerated video playback of 1080p videos (even recorded from camera) locks up after 1-2 seconds - apps are still responsive, showing progress and audio is played, but video is stalled, but 720p videos work fine and software video playback of 1080p works fine, too (this is the same for all video apps) - Cisco AnyConnect/OpenConnect VPN connections are getting established without an issue, IP address is set, ping to gateway works, VPN connection apps can see the routes lists, DNS'es, etc. gathered from VPN gateway, but none of the additional routes is set in kernel routing table, making not possible to connect to anything in remote networks besides gateway - it seems it's just something minor and maybe I'll find workaround for that if there's not any yet (btw. 4.2.2 used toolbox for route applet, 6.0.1 has toybox - not sure if it's just name change or totally different tool set that can have different parameters).
  4. During few days of use all I can say is that this ROM is great, but it has one quite annoying bug, as settings menu allows to enable network transmission on both SIM cards (even at the same time), but when network data transmission gets enabled on 2nd SIM (which is set for calls & SMS) then none of both SIM cards can access network data - need to restart the phone, then enable airplane mode for a moment to disconnect from cellular network, disable it and then enable network data transmission only on 1st SIM card to get network data transmission to work again. It's a big issue as even incoming MMS on 2nd SIM can try to enable data transmission for MMS download (it fails to download it anyway, but also breaks network data transmission on 1st SIM card). I've tried to analyze the issue in logcat, but I haven't found anything specific to this issue, besides problems with DNS resolution & IP connectivity timeouts of running apps. Do other LP/MM ROMs have similar issues? Btw. besides that issue, I'm going to keep this ROM as: - it's fast, - doesn't drain battery, - all tested apps work fine (including root & Xposed-based), - camera is good enough also (after some fine tuning of Snap Camera), - cellular network range seems to get improved a bit compared to stock 4.2.2 (but I'm not 100% sure about that as I haven't visited all the places where I had weak signal before, yet), - GPS catches fix & holds it much better than on 4.2.2 (even in bad weather conditions and inside of buildings - it helps to locate with wifi & cellular networks, too), acurracy of location coordinates is not always the best, but imo, it's ok), - no problems with WIFI (besides that sometimes it doesn't autoconnect to known networks - need to choose it and I saw workaround for it, but it's not a problem for me at all) - cellular network data transmission works stable, too (if it's not hit by bug above) - WIFI tethering works - not sure about BT yet - it got broken for me on previous ROM and now I see improvement as after enabled it's seen by other phones, but couldn't pair with Lenovo A850+ (with stock Android 4.2.2 based also MT6592), but I might have lost BT MAC address NVRAM configuration on previous ROM (at least it's shown as "unknown" in settings) - need to do more testing - memory management seems to be better than on 4.2.2, even without any task killers - I only miss the option to move apps to sdcard - it's Android 6.0 feature drop on all MM ROMs - there are two options: 1) external sdcard can be formated & encrypted as internal memory (but probably can get problems with recovery then due to encryption) and 2) use external sdcard for media & documents only (XinternalSD app helps with permissions, and allows storage of some apps data on external sdcard, but not everything) Btw. on this ROM phone (Coolpad F1 8297W) is visible as Micromax A311, even in Google Play & in apps.
  5. I agree, I wouldn't mind if ROM will be served with Lineage/CM Trebuched Launcher only, but having Nova inside convinced me to give it another try for at least few days (I was using Nova for few weeks long time ago, but since then I've been changing launchers, going from few different ones and ending on CM Launcher, but now CM Launcher is growing too much and has too many ADs). Thanks, I'll try to write something more about it after few days of testing. I was delaying move out from 4.2.2 as I worried about stability, battery, performance & camera, but looks like there was nothing to be afraid of - it's very good ROM. Big thanks to Jpower73, [email protected] & others for their work on this ROM! From the other side - it looks like this ROM has all the features that I needed from Gravitybox (I have removed it while trying to fix bootloop and so far I don't miss it for now).
  6. Thanks a lot! This LINEAGE OS 13.0 (MM) ROM is really good and your screenshots howto was very useful! I haven't noticed it earlier. So far just spent on it ~24h - playing with it all the time with messing & fixing back & configuring stuff in similar way as I had it on 4.2.2, but so far so good and even upgrade from 4.2.2 to 6.0.1 directly went smooth and so far everything what I couldn't run on 4.2.2 & 4.4 works fine now, even stuff that interacts with low level API functions/libs, like Android 5.1+ camera apps (ProShot). Just few suggestions for next releases: - get rid of Android O-Nfy or get a working release - sooner or later it makes bootloop on SystemUI continuous restarts (I lost many hours finding what made me bootloop with uninstall&reinstall of Xposed & all the modules that I had configured to find which one was broken and it was all by Android O-Nfy, which I haven't even touched - I had to remove this APK from /system/app and problems disappeared - disabling it didn't help, needed to remove it) - Nova Launcher 5.3 is available now, with Google Companion plugin & Tesla Unread, so worth to consider And few remarks for comparing with 4.2.2: - ROM is fast and everything seems to work fine, out of the box, looks like it were official upgrade (but of course I know it wasn't) - Photos are less pretty - less contrast & saturation (not as bad as I thought it will be, but still worse than on stock 4.2.2 with it's stock Coolpad camera app), but I'm going to play with Snap camera settings so maybe it will get better - OpenGL ES is slower (tested shortly in Asphalt 8), but not that bad (probably comparable with 4.4 ROMs) - so far everything that required Android 5.1+ or 6+ works fine (and now more apps are available in Google Play Store) - battery seems to drain slower than on really slimmed 4.2.2 (I didn't know it's possible) - feeling like got new phone :-) at least this phone has got new life :-) need to do more testing then I will provide more feedback later
  7. Well, I would stay with 4.2.2 as it's perfect for me on this phone - everything fast and smooth, no bugs at all, but Google and app devs raise the Android OS version requirenentas - eh, can't edit that word to fix it.
  8. What's currently the most stable (having no issues or at least no major issues/with workarounds and rooted) LP or MM ROM for F1 now? Pure Nexus by Jpower73 or something else? Both Miui and CoolUI are nice and I wish to use one of them, but currenly higher Android version is a required for most of the apps.
  9. It's really tempting to try. Are those things listed: the only remaining issues experienced? As I really need now Android SDK/API Level >=21 for apps really implemented, I'm going to give it a try in next weeks & let it stay (probably forever) if everything works (I need to have reliable calls, 2G, 3G & WIFI, Hotspot, Wireless display (Miracast), GPS - working like on stock ROMs, not bad Camera, 3D & Video, Xposed, Greenify, GoodForEnterprise, GravityBox, ADB WIFI, apps on external sdcard... etc. stuff). Btw. what do you think about Bravia Engine & sound boosters? I have these on 4.2.2 and I think I would miss that (especially Bravia Engine that greatly enhances display colors) when I'll change ROM.
  10. It's really impressive! Could you tell what works/what doesn't and list of bugs of this MM version? (and link to download it) No issues with calling, 2G/3G, wifi, bluetooth, hotspot, photos/videos, 3D,... sensors? Any things that are not supported by it? Xposed, Gravitybox, Greenify, FakeWifi, Good For Enterprise / Root Hide,...? What about apps on sdcard? Using /storage/sdcard1 by default for moving apps using stock menus? Can it be flashed with TWRP or need different recovery? I'm still on modded 4.2.2 (for best performance and no bugs at all), but looks like many things start to have dependency on LP & up that are going to force me for upgrade soon (not the phone, cause it's still great, but just the Android version).
  11. Great! Thanks a lot, Jpower73 I'm glad that you haven't left us, F1 owners. Is it really Marshallow (6.0.1) based framework? I see interresting options there on screenshots from XDA. Regarding VPN not working - it doesn't work in settings menu or with external VPN apps that use VPN API / tun/tap kernel device also? (anyconnect/openconnect, openvpn,...). How's with other important stuff - stability, photos speed & quality/video recording, wifi, 3g/2g (edge) data transfer, gps, bluetooth, push messaging, video playback? wireless display?
  12. Right, I suggest to root phone & freeze stock SMS app with for example Titanium Backup and set your favorite SMS app as system app. I've fixed the same problem by replacing stock SMS/MMS app with Hangouts this way (stock mms.apk is still there, but frozen and Hangouts is set as system app). No problems with SMS since then.
  13. Wow! Thanks a lot. These values for 3D & UX are much higher than on optimized, still smoth, CoolUI 4.2.2! To compare, CoolUI 4.2.2 results on the same Antutu 6.0.1 (after freezing / uninstalling most Coolpad stuff, using light CM Launcher, greenified most other apps, tweaked CPU settings (but keeping full performance when screen is on), schedulers, buffers, etc... but using the same ROM since more than a year): 3D: 1825 UX: 5348 CPU: 12586 RAM: 5219 It's very tempting to finally change ROM for something newer & give that your RR re-make a try. So far I've keept CoolUI 4.2.2 for camera speed + quality (I make many photos and need fast & good enough camera) and 3D performance in Asphalt 8.
  14. Thanks a lot for your re-make & detailed description. How would you compare it to other ROMs? (especially CM, SGN4, AMOI,...) Is it ready to be a "keeper" for daily use? How's battery life? Any things that don't work properly or compatibility issues? Could you please make any screenshots with benchmarks for your ROMs, for example Antutu to compare performance of different components? (I'm not talking about the overall score but details) +1 for that, I can't understand around half of google-translated version.
  15. Thanks slime00, I wonder if it's ResurrectionRemix 5.6.4 (mentioned release in official RR changelog with today's date) or 5.6.3 (from Feb 13th). Edit: Oh, it's 5.5.9. Kernel is not "built from source" - it's KK kernel like everywhere (including device drivers), just the upper Android layers are built from source (adapted for KK kernel, like in CM 12.1 and others). Anyway, it seems to be interesting choice, especially that they claim it "bugless".