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  1. Everything work ok on cm 11? Is this rom for every day :)
  2. cool :) I have the same question... What about free RAM , battery and is it better than 4.2.2?
  3. 1)Why sometimes lockscreen freeze 2)When I uninstall the app once it restarts sometimes not how to solve this? Thanks
  4. why root apps will not work on beta32? says it is not root phone?What is the problem. how to solve?
  5. ok boys I rewrote the country code to all the contacts and the problem is solved :D ;) pOcHa thank you for the efforts you've invested in this rom, you are the king!!! You have my support to continue its work ^_^
  6. all contacts that have the country code does not show names, but those who have the country code show name. Do I have in front of each number in the contacts that I enter the country code, or do you have another solution?? : (
  7. You're the king pOcHa. You're a quick update theme customized rom v31, and in the morning it came out. praise! :D What are your experiences with the V31? Where can I download the lock screen? I want to have the screen lock like the V27 stable. Please :blush: I have another very important question ? noticed issue caller id for some contacts not present when receiving call no name displayed when someone calls and send me sms?a solution?
  8. How to solve this problem descriptions to me in detail please? And can I install task menager with the option to kill apps like in 30 beta, :) thanks in advance
  9. Good job, a very good rom.TNX kyan31 the king : :) -25% battery at night. Why? Many lose battery during normal operation and when the phone is in sleep mode. Can I fix it somehow? :D
  10. Kernel is: 3.0.8-perf-g00d251-dirty PaulMUbuntu #19 I'm download link from the first page and flash it (FINAL: ........), but I do not know why it sometimes freezes? What do you think? :mellow: :huh:
  11. everything works perfectly and the longest battery all roms...tnx :D But: why the phone freezes sometimes? I have to remove the battery in order to unblock the phone? how fix it? :(
  12. 1)Why is the name of the phone Desire HD? How do I change it? 2)What is an IP call? 3)Which HD games can I play? ROM is great but I do not know why there is the Beats Audio Lightning settings?