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  1. After changing my governor to interactive and setting the speed to 1190, I don't have a single reboot! I tried all three roms and ended using 10.1 cause it's quite faster and better than the other two. :rolleyes:
  2. I admire your patience! :-) @ko blazen no offense.
  3. Nice move! ;-)
  4. Sorry to hear that konstat. Stupid rights!
  5. Thanks that did the trick! I only had to open once the people app and everything worked fine. ;)
  6. You are right. FM does not work on CM. But the problem with the delay persists in Aurora? My opinion is, you should also just try CM, to see if the problem persists. Then you can return to Aurora or stock to find a solution. :)
  7. I have no such problem with Aurora...
  8. Thanks but I can't seem to find it. First of all I have no contact app/icon and I'm referring to the contacts while you tap on the phone icon. There is nothing in the settings! :/
  9. Has anyone found a way to sort contacts by surname? I can't find it anywhere...
  10. Thank God, there is someone like you (and I really mean it), to provide me with such a wonderful bleeding edge untested software to run in my crappy Chinese device, until the day comes, that I will be able to pay more money and buy a super duper wow device. For now I will be your guinea pig, so you can work on your magic. ;-)
  11. Probably you did not read what I wrote, but it's ok and did you see me criticize your work? Reasons like overclocking, is why we use roms. :-) I'm using Aurora and I still have reboots, but in comparison with the others that I tried, is the most stable with just a few reboots within a week.
  12. Why on earth you want to use the stock one?
  13. There are issues...haven't tried the final version because of the sd configuration, but with the old ones there are random restarts and already quite a few people mentioned them. :)
  14. How many of those do u think that exists in this forum?
  15. With Aurora is fine for me...

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