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  1. gta vice city

    ok i'll try it and what about gangstar rio city of saint's it dosen't work for me crash after logo because i like games like gta :(
  2. gta vice city

    thank you this is really bad :(
  3. gta vice city

    hi did any one managed to run gta vice city ?? always crach after cinimatique !! :(
  4. ICS App Compatibility Improved!

    hi did any one managed to make gta vice or gangstar rio city of saint's work?
  5. libhoudini installed??

    yes i tried it it only makes gta 3 work no less no more :(
  6. libhoudini installed??

    i'am realy disappointed i thought this will give me the opportunity to play gangstar rio spiderman batman i bought all those games from play store it says it's compatible with my devise but after purshazing none of them works for me :(
  7. libhoudini installed??

    the black screen is only after the labhoudini apdate after that i can reboot the phonr manually and it's ok y should i use the fix brick?? my probleme is after the labhoudini apdate there is no deiiference in applications the same games won't work for me that's all
  8. libhoudini installed??

    Y there is no difference and the phone show a black screen
  9. libhoudini installed??

    hi after root i wanted to apply the labhoudini patch to make some games work fine but when i use the aio to update labhoudini i have this is it installed ?? there is no difference in app performance and compabilty one more thing after this my phone have a black screen i have to close with the off bottom and open it again manually help please
  10. [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo

    it dosen't seem like i have llibbhoudini update installed on my device cause i was looking threw the net i found this Put the libhoudini.so to /android-x86/icecream/out/target/product/your_device/system/lib Put the libdvm_houdini.so to /android-x86/icecream/out/target/product/your_device/system/lib [*]Download the file arm libs and extract that to /android-x86/icecream/out/target/product/your_device/system/lib/arm but i used root explorer i went to /system/lib and i can find libhoudini.so and libdvm_houdini.so but i can't find find arm libs file when i used the aio tool it says only 2 files pushed !! so what should i do do i have to put those files manually like he sad ?? (i changed the gpu to the chinesi tabet dos that have to do any thing with this???
  11. [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo

    thank you rickwyatt i changed the gpu lib to the chinese tablet it made gta 3 work very well and i used the libhoudini patch many apps works fine now but i bought gangstar rio it wouldn't work after all of this black screen after logo just like gta 3 before is there any solution ??
  12. some information about orange san diego

    Ok thank you very mush very good informations you have thaks ;)
  13. how to run gta3 on my san diego

    i did it one more time now i tried the libhoudini patch i have two files pushed succesfully it asks me if i want to reboot i sad ok but i had a black screen i plugged off the phone and i rebooted manually is this normal is it patched?? how to know for sur??
  14. [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo

    when i try to change the cpu mod i get some kind of failure and anbele ... i couldn't read it because my phone rebooted and the aio tool goes back to the first screen what to do now ?? is the cpu changes? how to know??
  15. [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo

    no i mean an app to do it from the phone i found some apps but i don't want to try something i don't know