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  1. i'm sorry, i'm a bit noob and i couldn't understand what you said... could you explain it again?
  2. the thing is: when i flash and update.app i have to hack the imei. after i flash the splash screen is normal but when i restore the imei the splash screen goes back to chinese...
  3. if i'm rooted but without cwm can i do it? I really need to take my phone to huawei... HELP!
  4. Hey guys. I need to take my phone to huawei but i must have no root and no cwm. I already have my vodafone rom with all apps but the splash screen is still the chinese one. I know i can change it with cwm but once i have cwm i must reflash the rom and for that i need to hack the imei and once i restore it back (what's weird is that once my imei is 0 the splash screen is the stock one) the splash screen becomes chinese Help please!
  5. Boot Loop

    ok thanks. i will give it a go
  6. Boot Loop

    This is what i get after the reboot! : http://postimg.org/image/p1vx7l4xv/
  7. Boot Loop

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/7oxgn9wda7tmvs3/vodafonePT_b936.zip - this is the rom after flashing, the phone reboots and the android image appears and it's written formatting cache and user data or something like that. this deletes all vodafone apps and "cleans" up the rom
  8. Boot Loop

    yes i know but when after i flash that rom my huawei reboots and then says: formatting cache and once it starts there are no apps left
  9. Boot Loop

    yes i did flash a stock rom using update.app the thing is after i've done that it appeared the recovery image and did formatting cache etc. and i need those vodafone apps and it deleted them. So i installed cwm and used a recovery backup that someone had done with vodafone apps etc. (like it was stock huawei) and i removed root with root uninstaller. but i still have cwm... what can i do in order to have vodafone apps, no root and no cwm?
  10. Boot Loop

    now it's missing one thing: how can i remove cwm?
  11. Boot Loop

    It worked!! THANKS A LOT!
  12. Boot Loop

    ok thanks. i hope it does cause i can never flash a rom without hacking imei... i get the pink bar freeze at one third of the proccess and no letters.
  13. Boot Loop

    help please!
  14. Boot Loop

    so i flash the b926 rom?
  15. Boot Loop

    i didn't understand... which rom should i try to flash? btw i think the pink bar freezing problem has to do with not hacking imei because i can never do a dload update if i don't hack imei... dunno why.