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  1. Bravo! Good work! One question: what about hynix memory owners? Is this safe to use?
  2. Same happened to me. Lost root acces. Fix permission did not help. After restoring backup to joestone 10.1 R3 root acces was back. Everything works fine
  3. LG camera work on Dazzozo CM. On LiQui OS LG camera refuse to install.
  4. It would be nice if someone upload Electra rom and gapps somewhere else. I have huge problem with solidfiles. No matter what I try get me error 403 forbidden :(
  5. *GalaxyS4 Ringtones*

    Link is dead <_<
  6. FM radio (Spirit fm) don't work. :(
  7. Testing now. On boot give me an error: invalid_int: Liqu_Beta1 or something like that. There is no your GUI. Just standard CM 10.1 gui. Anyway, look fast. Camera is ok, LG camera too. FM radio doesn’t work. Seems to me that driver for FM tuner is bad.
  8. Any change log? Is this 10.0 or 10.1 based? Which gapps to install?