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  1. touch working with me fie :)
  2. touch screen working fine in my ZTE V9 ROM with capacitive screen, make the following:- 1-download cm-10.1-20130521-PenguinKANG-v9.zip 2-download Attached file 3-extract file in step no.2 and copy it and past it in (system/lib) in Zip File And Apply to replace 4-flash the rom and enjoy with touch screen Sorry for bad English libinput ZTE V9capacitive screen .zip
  3. Can You Re-Upload cm-10.1-20130401-PenguinKANG-v9.zip PenguinKANG ?
  4. where the new update? PlaguedByPenguins :)
  5. can you make OTG available in next update? i hope