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  1. gabrisLT

    [Q] ROM for GEM8112?

    Hello, so I'm not really happy owner of gemini joytab 8, I purchased it few days ago and having problems from then.. :D Also I'm newbie in android... after I turned it on and installed few apps from google play I got frequent UI crashes(every 30 seconds maybe..) and chrome & gmail apps didin't work.. after I did a factory reset Gmail app started to work, no more UI crashes, but chrome doesn't work and device loves to reset itself but only when wifi is active(once after it rebooted itself I was not able to use wifi at all until I did reboot manually) in my opinion problem is that ROM landed in memory quite awry.. maybe someone has ROM to try that out? :)
  2. Registered, made basic changes, seems to work, yesterday had problems with inviting friends.