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  1. Hi. Is someone using Link2Int with this ROM? (not standard Link2SD which uses the second partition of external SD card, but modified script which uses internal 2GB memory) I've been using it with 4.2.2 with absolutely no problems. Yesterday I tried to install 4.3 ROM and Link2Int didn't work well. There was a lot of "application XY stopped working" messages... I can - of course - install classic Link2SD and move apps&dalvik to the second partition of external SD card... but I think internal memory is faster and more secure than physical card.
  2. I hope so. Be patient - maybe you'll have to try it more times. Some people from Czech G300 forum have filled the form four or five times and after a couple of days the unlock code finally arrived. 8^) I wish you luck to get the code on the first attempt. 8^)
  3. Phone unlocked OFFICIALLY (unlock code from Huawei) or UNOFFICIALLY (some third party unlocker)? Problems with GSM signal are usually caused by unofficial unlock.