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  1. Can someone explain to me how to get A2SD to work with this rom? I've partioned the SD card in CWM and installed the rom after a wipe, A2SD doesn't work using the GUI app that's pre installed. I tried in terminal and I get a message "EXT partition not mounted". What am I supposed to do? Edit: I repartitioned the SD card and it works now. I don't know why it didn't work in the first place, I did the exact same thing.
  2. I find the on-screen UI for Home/back when you swipe up from the bottom is annoying. I tried to disable it in the Rom Control settings under Navigation Bar, but now I get "Unfortunately, System UI has stopped." over and over again and the notification bar disappeared. I changed the settings back to how they were but the error does not stop, requiring a wipe and re-install.
  3. Wow, thanks a lot, will report back once I tested it.
  4. Great rom, I know the browser not working is a known bug but I installed angry birds and it launches fine but after the loading screen, it takes about 5 seconds and then it crashes. So some apps aren't working, can this be fixed?