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  1. Thank you maltho hopefully when I get my credit card I might be able to donate to you and like out said its not kyan31's job to moderate forums its just annoying its just like calm down bro it has nothing to do with you.
  2. well i only said the r3 release part cause i was pissed of and in the first comment i was wondering if he stoped making this rom , thats what i ment but then kyan31 the guy what allways flipping replys with a annoying answer ( and ?>??????????) who the badword was asking you gtfo bro
  3. your seriously pissing the s*** out of me !!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh ffs your reply's are just annoying i can say anything i want and if you do bann me i have a 1000 different ways of retrieving dazazzos ROM so f off NOW WHEN THE badword IS R3 coming out Consider yourself banned - flibblesan
  4. Stop saying don't ask we feel abandoned :(
  5. , What is actually wrong with this rom ;/ , when i installed it everything works super fine and when you go to developer and turn all 3 animations off :D Super smooth rom , Dazzazo your a work of art like the statues in MADDAM Tassue in London HAhahah :D , Well made rom xD now everybody who complains you can suck on my 14 year old weener xD
  6. after r3 are you going to be doing any performance tweaks or just making the Ui better ?
  7. R5 doesnt have fast boot ? hmm this rom is coming out of " Stock " and making its way to cyanogen mod 9 ................. LOL R3 is the best so far , thats my opinion
  8. Cyda Personally i like Huaweis music player would you be able to send me a APK or something i dont like Apollo ;/ , Thanks if you can haha
  9. im only trying to help make this phone better , calm down bro , thanks.
  10. ReZ1342

    [ROM][ICS-B952]Slim ROM

    Guys , Cause im a noob i dont actually know if the changes anything but there is a guy claiming that he has a Zip file for every phone with Ics that it installs Project Butter , it is quite popular Search " Project Butter ICS" its the first link i think and anyways can anyone test if it actually does work and there is a few with multi sampling and anti alising or without it im confused LOOL
  11. Ive installed it but cause im a noob i dont actually no if there is any change. CAN ANYBODY TEST IF IT DOES HELP ???????? sorry for Caps LOL just want people to notice -.-
  12. Cider - Cyda , there is a post on Xda i think and its where you download some Zip file apparantly it tweaks around and puts Project Butter on ICS , Search "Project Butter on Ics " it should be the first link and i was wondering if it actually worked ;/
  13. Where is The actual 700mb of internal storage gone to ? and why when i take out my sd card i cant access Gallery its annoying
  14. Why is facebook so slow is it from the phone or the application
  15. Guys whats the difference between the two 1098080 and 2030 ? is it just a fix for the 3g reboots or is it much smoother and faster /?????????????????? Comprende :D