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  1. Hi, are you able to patch this ROM to fix the stagefright vulnerabilities? Regards.
  2. Hi, I just bought this ZTE Blade V - new for 50 euros from ebay so it's coming down in price. It is fantastic value for money (I had a Moto G but went in the sea with it...) so much so that we now have 2 of them in the family. Konsta, is there enough source code out there now for newer android releases to be running on zte blade v? The reason I ask is, I think there's enough members here to crowd source fund a zte blade v and I can get it sent to you at no cost. Obviously we understand there are no promises etc on what you could deliver, but is the idea even a starter - what do you think?
  3. Zte blade v case

    That's because that case is for the Blade C model not V model. Still waiting for a case can't believe even the chinese haven't made one for it yet...
  4. ZTE Blade V Stock ROMs

    Hi, can the czech O2 rom be used with english language?
  5. custom roms?

    what happened to Konsta, any reason he given up on the blade scene? can't believe the blade 1 has more dev support. I bought the V because I thought it would have the best dev support :(
  6. Zte blade v case

    Hi, anyone found a proper case for this device yet? and looking for screen protectors. Thanks.
  7. custom roms?

    I've been patiently waiting in the background for a custom rom for this device. I understand the kernel source has been released by ZTE. The stock rom is OK but looking for updates and some mods like 2G to 3G switch and circle battery mod in status bar. A fantastic specification phone for the money.
  8. ZTE Blade V Stock ROMs

    Hi any news on v4.0 how was your experiance?