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  1. LAVA Iris 501 Jelly Bean Firmware 4.1.1

    one of XDA user (Special Thanks to "SuperDroid-BOND") helped me a lot in fixing the kernel errors. here's the link to patched one. http://d-h.st/vhK
  2. LAVA Iris 501 Jelly Bean Firmware 4.1.1

    Lava iris 501 friends, here's a link to rom I am using for a month now. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2572832 you may need to hunt for a 4.2 based kernel as on few devices this may give crashes to messaging and few other apps. there are many compatible kernel on XDA already, search a bit, as posting kernel link is banned on xda with source.
  3. LAVA Iris 501 Jelly Bean Firmware 4.1.1

    Finally after trying many 4.2.2 ROM's I've managed to RUN 4.2.2 on Lava Iris 501, pure 4.2.2 experience, its used as daily phone for last 10+ days and I am pretty happy about it. Solved almost all Issues I came across and no crashes are experienced. I am using kernel 3.4.0 with it and its pretty stable, works good whole day with 90% WI-FI + 10% 3G. ROM is stable and running smoothly and doesn't crashes even in 2-3 days of continuous run, however I am not able to try beyond that as customization or modding stuff makes me reboot the device usually every other day if not daily. I would be happy to share it here and on XDA once I get permission from Porter who originally ported the ROM for some other device. Will keep you guys posted and would share a link in coming weeks.
  4. LAVA Iris 501 Jelly Bean Firmware 4.1.1

    Kamal Ji, any chance of 4.2.2 based ROM for Iris 501 ? if mmx A110 (Canvas 2) can run it, so can this phone.
  5. LAVA Iris 501 Jelly Bean Firmware 4.1.1

    I am not running Stock ROM these days, but just wanted to Alert the Advanced users about this vulnerability. Kamal Ji Please see if this stock ROM is Affected. Uncovering Android Master Key That Makes 99% of Devices Vulnerable. Says "The Bluebox Security research team" http://goo.gl/dZr3J Scan Your Device http://goo.gl/zObwJ Patch Your Device. (Details about vulnerability FIX thru Xposed Framework) Say thanks to the Developer "Tungstwenty" http://goo.gl/PTO1i
  6. Can you post some screenshots of this ROM, I liked the Lava Provided JB Rom, Used it for weeks and then tried Lewa OS Lewa OS rom has many useful features, but its RAM Hungry...
  7. LAVA Iris 501 Jelly Bean Firmware 4.1.1

    This is a un-confirmed bug, best option to overcome this is to Remove your Google Account and re-add it manually. If you are restoring backup using any app. like titanium or others, First Add your Google account to phone manually, then restore everything except "accounts" this should certainly solve your issues. If your playstore still shows Old version, keeping data or WI-FI ON, Exit playstore, and re-open it in a few minutes, it would get upgraded to latest.
  8. LAVA Iris 501 Jelly Bean Firmware 4.1.1

    I think djownloader can be used there, but i see no reason why he's not able to download from your Links. Its his connection problem, my friend downloaded it using a Slow connection in one night, Anyway I tried Lewa OS, and Microfire, both refuse to Restore my backup using Titanium Backup. So back to this Stock firmware now. Lewa OS looked very good, but it doesn't works properly with Titanium Backup currently, Hope to see someone fix it for our Lava Iris 501.
  9. LAVA Iris 501 Jelly Bean Firmware 4.1.1

    I think you should try to use Jdownloader to download the files. its the best download manager as of now.
  10. LAVA Iris 501 Jelly Bean Firmware 4.1.1

    Short review of this ROM. The ROM provided by Lava Is a Jelly Bean version 4.1.1, which is certainly better than ICS, but it misses a hell lot of features this seems to be a stripped down version of JB release, and many functions have been removed to make it run on 512MB RAM. Bugs and missing features:- Earlier the phone used to vibrate when a outgoing call was picked by called person, this feature is missing. Dialing only a few digits used to very intelligently detect the matching phone numbers, this feature is missing. Long press a phone number in Logs gave option to see last call details, and option to add to contact, this feature is missing. you can however click on Image Icon and Add to contact the number from logs though. Change of System Language is not possible as all other languages except English has been removed to make it fit into Iris501 Airplane Mode Button placement in Notification Widgets is very bad and is prone for Accidental Touch Lots of options from Settings for display, system settings have been removed to make it run on 512MB RAM GPS bug, if you enabled A-GPS, used it and closed GPS from Notification Icon, the GPS Icon in status bar is left visible, no matter how many times you turn on or turn off the GPS, this Icon keeps on displaying and a Text in Notification "Location Set By GPS" Screen Brightness is way to sensitive in Auto-mode, might Irritate you with very very fast change of screen brightness, I use a APP called "LUX" to make it stable though. Camera Will Save pics to Internal Memory and you cannot Save into SD CARD, all you can do is to move files every couple of days from SDCARD0 to SDCARD I've not checked 3G Policy, still I doubt the Data Connection is Configured to Sleep and waits for Wake from Device or push notification as screen shows data connection enabled message a lot of times while I am on move using 3G. Many Stystem tweaks are not done by LAVA, and memory management is not properly done. Root users should be able to do it, and I'll post a tutorial about this in a couple of days. So far so good, this ROM is good, but could have been better. may be its a very smooth and Good rom for Non-root users, but personally I squeeze the rom to fit my taste and things which can speed up my needed activity on phone. This rom is still worth the pain to download and install as there's certainly a lot of improvements in system performance and stability. Maps works great, Google Now is good and intuitive, Gmail syncs 24x7, Earlier ON ICS I had to keep switching connection to keep it working. Anybody still having doubts whether to install or not, Should certainly upgrade, at-least if not all, most of future apps would work as you are on latest build of Android as of this day. enjoy the Iris on Jelly Bean
  11. LAVA Iris 501 Jelly Bean Firmware 4.1.1

    ^^ Dr.Saab, this is a tough question. normally warranty should not be lost, cause the link is of Stock ROM, which is un-touched by outsiders. and non-rooted But if service center wants they can confuse you that its your mistake, blah blah blah A friend recently got his phone updated in service center, they didn't provide any documents for this update, so If the phone gets defective at a later date, he has no proof whether he updated on his own, or from service center. Your name reminds me of a uncle in Faizabad,
  12. LAVA Iris 501 Jelly Bean Firmware 4.1.1

    how to load drivers you have linked. they fail to install on win7, if i right click and try to install them, Also the firmware upgrade option doesn't load anything to my phone. Thanks for your efforts Kamal Ji. After scratching my head for few hours, I finally updated my Lava Iris 501 to Jelly Bean 4.1.1 The New boot Logo is Good. System feels smooth, now time to root and restore my backup. for anybody who's having trouble with SP Tool failing to detect your phone, you can do this After the checksum error, connect your phone, While phone is connected and SP Tool Still trying, goto device manager and select "add a legacy device" now select com port and select the Mediatek drivers you downloaded from the link on first post. it would install the mediatek port and once you done this, SP Tool will start uploading the firmware to the phone. Make sure you do not touch the phone or cable during the update process, any interruption to USB link between PC and Phone at this time can BRICK your phone. The update would take 3-10 minutes depending on your PC and USB speed. Enjoy the all new IRIS 501.
  13. LAVA Iris 501 Jelly Bean Firmware 4.1.1

    Good to see again. You seems to be very helping the Lava Iris 501 Guys. I wish i was in kanpur, could have met a interesting person like you. I am from Allahabad. Downloaded the files from links you posted before 4shared. Will be flashing the phone in next hour. For Fahad phone: I doubted this as I've earlier had very bad experience with U.P. Based service center, not of Lava, but the young guys these centers hire are too fast on keyboard, and never think of saving a second to save customer's phone/data. Its good Fahad got new phone, hope he'll chime-in here sometime soon.
  14. LAVA Iris 501 Jelly Bean Firmware 4.1.1

    Thanks Kamal Ji, Will download them on friday/saturday night, and let you know my update progress. If possible, make Root Instructions for this JB Update, it will help people to use exact working rooting method. Lastly: Fahad where are you, how was your Update experience with service center ?
  15. thanks for the Info I did that on Initial days of phone by accessing MTK Engg. mode you can type the following code to access MTK engg. mode *#*#3646633#*#* there are options to set volume for earphone, and speaker separately. Warning: MTK Engineer Mode is not supposed to be a user end interface, Changing any value In-correctly may damage your phone or disable/damage its functionality.