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  1. Yes the download link on the first page of this thread. No problem dude, Anyhow thanks, If u got a link to which i can refer to about this OTG Storage issue for XOLO X900 than please share it, ill try rest by myself.
  2. How to install them???? I really don't know much about this, So i kindly request for step by step procedure All i want is connect pen drives to XOLO X900 phone IN USB OTG Helper software it shows otg mass storage not supported In USB Host controller software it shows s3c usb host driver not found I go ogled & found this forum which provided kernel modules that supports USB OTG Storage for XOLO X900, So how to load these kernel modules to my phone???
  3. Hi iam new user to this forum, I own XOLO X900 phone which has been rooted & has super user,Busybox installed I copied modules directory to /system/lib , But iam unable to load config file beacuse i dont know how to load Please can you guide me step by step on how to load these Kernel modules built by you Thanks in advance