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  1. fpm_paolo added a post in a topic [ROM][Android 4.1.2] Evolution by Jolufa (full/lite) f/ JIAYU G3 [10/JUN/2013]   

    Hello Jolufa and thanks for your answer. I'll explain what I did yesterday, maybe it can be useful for other people

    I installed your rom using recovery (I had Bruno Marten's CWM, now it's, rebooted the phone then tried to log in my google play account. Tried to update the phone, but there was always the same error: it was impossibile to install any kind of apks from the Play Store.

    So I installed the ROM again, but before the reboot I installed Titanium Backup update.zip. After the reboot I restored my previous backup with all my programs and games. Then I uninstalled all the apks I didn't want from your rom

    AppDialer Pro_3.7.2.apk
    File Explorer_3.1.6.apk
    Freedom_0.8.4.apk <-- THIS PROGRAM IS NOT AVALAIBLE IN ITALY so I don't even know what it is used for!!!
    GO Backup_3.3.apk
    Installer cracked GooglePlay_1.1.0.apk <-- what is this?
    Lucky Patcher_3.1.6.apk
    My Tracks_2.0.4.apk
    One Power Guard_2.8.apk
    Software Data Cable_4.2.1.apk
    TimeZone Fixer_1.3.4.apk
    TimeZoneDB for ClockSync_1.1.2.apk
    Total Commander_2.01.apk
    Weather Services PRO_2.1.4pro.apk

    Reboot again and tried to fix the GPS position: it was successfull! Rebooted again and that was all. I charged my mobile all night long. I unplugged the charger this morning at 7.00 AM, now it's 10.30 AM (Italian Time) and battery is at 88% after 5 minutes call...it seems it is draining a lot. I tried to take a look at CPU Sleeper and ONE Power Guard and they were both ON

    CPU Spy states only 1001 MHZ and 205 MHz: 834, 750, 667, 500 and Deep Sleep are not active...I'll test during the day with Internet and some games like The Simpsons and Carmageddon.

    With Ervius' ROM I used my phone for two days before recharging.

    Hope to get an answer from you soon, and thanks again for your work!!!
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  2. fpm_paolo added a post in a topic [ROM][Android 4.1.2] Evolution by Jolufa (full/lite) f/ JIAYU G3 [10/JUN/2013]   

    Hello, I tried to install Jolufa ROM but Titanium Backup seems not to work.
    Before installing Jolufa ROM, I created "update.zip" of Titanium Backup, in order to install it from recovery mode. Installed Jolufa ROM, tried to reboot into recovery, installed titanium update.zip but nothing happened. Tried to download it, even worse: play store says the update is not working.
    What should I do now? this is VITAL for me since I have important backups...
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  3. fpm_paolo added a post in a topic [ROM][Android 4.1.2] Evolution by Jolufa (full/lite) f/ JIAYU G3 [10/JUN/2013]   

    And...what about the GPS? I have encountered lots and lots of problems through the months, and I have solved them only with Ervius ROM. Ervius made a great job with the gps.conf and the suplrootcert permissions. Please let me know, since I don't want to get crazy again with the GPSshit... Muchas Graçias amigo.
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  4. fpm_paolo added a post in a topic [ROM] Raw MOD JB Jiayu G3 [DISCONTINUED(Until I have more time for it)]   

    AOHI noob, still waiting for your B3 Build. Why don't you open a google drive account and upload everything there?
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  5. fpm_paolo added a post in a topic [ROM][Android 4.1.2] Evolution by Jolufa (full/lite) f/ JIAYU G3 [10/JUN/2013]   

    Hello Jolufa and THANKS for your work. I have a question (una pregunta por ti).
    I installed Ervius's ROM and made a backup with Titanium Backup Pro. If I install your rom and then restore the backup made in Ervius' rom, will I get all the software back?
    I mean, I have CoPilot, Ndrive, Sygic, Carmageddon, The Simpson game, and lots of other stuff...If I install your rom and then restore the backup, will I find all my programs back?
    Please, this is important since I would like to test your rom
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  6. fpm_paolo added a post in a topic [ROM] Raw MOD JB Jiayu G3 [DISCONTINUED(Until I have more time for it)]   

    welcome back n00bzilla I see you're online. what about your exams?
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  7. fpm_paolo added a post in a topic G3 gps not working   


    this is my drive ;)
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  8. fpm_paolo added a post in a topic G3 gps not working   

    Yes but you have to add also the other files: SuplRootCert and permission/gps.xml
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  9. fpm_paolo added a post in a topic G3 gps not working   

    it may be a file called gps.conf.bak in system/etc
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  10. fpm_paolo added a post in a topic G3 gps not working   

    dbaseii, it's the same file :D

    anyway, THIS is my file





    The bold lines refer to Italy, yours should be

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  11. fpm_paolo added a post in a topic Jiayu g3 problems   

    uhm...did you try to install PdaNet drivers? Or, here's the link to my drive...try to download that and use.
    Are you sure you followe the guides RIGHT???

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  12. fpm_paolo added a post in a topic [ROM] Raw MOD JB Jiayu G3 [DISCONTINUED(Until I have more time for it)]   

    Yes, should be compatible.
    OT: you like dream theater, dont you
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  13. fpm_paolo added a post in a topic G3 gps not working   

    Well people...hope it helps. I would like to write & ask in that forum, but as a new user I cannot write&reply. French people, who knows 'em.
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  14. fpm_paolo added a post in a topic G3 gps not working   

    Well, here I am. As I promised, this is the translation of the article in frandroid forum. Take care of what you do...or what you TRY to do. I'm not responsible of any damage that could happen to your phone...including a total blast of the phone, or its morphing into an alien.
    ANyway, I'm translating only the instruction and the most important comments. And I'm also linking the imgs since I cannot copy&paste them in format or the page will get enormous.

    cloudy weather, fixed in 2s, no signal loss, satellite SNR stable, accuracy around 18mt and 8mt, calculated at countryside, forest and around the city near to the buildings (accuracy around 8mt and 11mt for 95% of the time)

    1: first tests

    this is the general principle

    take away the back cover
    take away the antenna (take care of the wifi antenna whichi is near)
    take away the connectors
    solder a Ø0.5 et 5mm long cable
    tinplate the antenna
    solder the antenna.

    [in other words: replace the original antenna with a new one you gonna create DIY, and sold it]

    Be careful: this method is not for everyone, and it is risky to follow it (realised with a 1W solder iron point)





    2: no-dismount version. (version Dany)

    I realised Orefie's antenna (the previous one...) with an alluminium lid cut with very thin scissors
    I isolated the antenna connection as in this image, the yellow part will have to make contact with Orefie's antenna: just leave the only necessary part in contact and isolate the rest with insulating tape.


    [imaegs' instruction translation]
    1mm cut to isolate antenna's contact
    part in contact with Orefie's antenna
    green parts must be isolated with insulating tape

    Then isolate the antenna, leave only the connection


    Only the contact must remain, in order to connect the new antenna

    Then I isolated the original antenna with blue insulating tape and fixed Orefie's antenna with 2 little pieces of red insulating tape.
    Excellent results, no modification on the back cover nor in other parts.
    Behind the windshield SNR signal was more than 40 in some satellites, most was more than 30.
    Accuracy when still between 8mt and 9 mt, when moving between 12mt and 18mt, TomTom CoPilot and Primo work flawless and the route is perfect.
    The signal decreases slightly when moving, but it is still accurate.
    This is a screen of the final result

    https://heqqhg.dm1.l... (1).jpg?psid=1

    Antenna fixed with insulating tape
    Connection between B92 / orefie's antenna

    The antenna will replace the original one so it is necessary to isolate the part in contact with the connectors, a little cut is enough, it maybe not work with 2 antennas

    For those who have not scratched the whole antenna: just scratch the only part in contact, and don't forget to unsolder the original antenna as below


    scratch here for new B92 antennas


    Then unsould the original antenna with 2 tiny cuts and remove the copper


    Isolate the antenna with insulating tape, and leave just the part in contact.
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  15. fpm_paolo added a post in a topic G3 gps not working   

    Yes, it uses a gps.conf. this are my mods http://tinyurl.com/g3-link
    backup your files and change with this ones. It MIGHT help.
    Anyway in gps.conf you'll find italian parameters, just change them with the ones of your country. Refer to this URL http://www.pool.ntp.org/en/
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