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  1. Please someone kindly translate into Spanish this ROM?? I would be very useful and would be very grateful! I'd settle for someone tell me how I do it and I would do it myself. regards
  2. Greetings and congratulations for the work in this ROM. I hope someone is encouraged with the translation into Spanish of this ROM, and so it can be installed! regards
  3. Fastboot for Grand X

    The U970 model is the Tegra 2 Chinese market, only with higher performance in terms of RAM (1GB) and CPU (1.2MHz) http://www.engadget.com/2012/06/21/zte-grand-x-u970-and-n970-and-grand-x-lte-t82-hands-on/ So I still think it can work, but I dare not try it unless someone would confirm that not brick the device .... regards
  4. Fastboot for Grand X

    I forgot to say that thanks to my device bin4ry got root and install CWM with ZTE U970 tools!
  5. Fastboot for Grand X

    Good afternoon! Could anyone tell me if this ROM works on my zte v970 Tegra2 Grand X 512 ram? http://miui.es/index.php/topic,5237.0.html The phone just like yours is the model sold in Europe. I'm Spanish and I bought it on ebay. The phone works great but has some bugs, sometimes does not unlock the screen and I have to remove the battery to reset. For this reason, and because it is in English and Spanish does not include the market not in my country, I want to install a ROM but can not find any who can serve for this device. Previously I had a ZTE Blade and worked great, of course, for this price I'll ZTE! Sorry for my language but my English is not very good ... :( Thanks in advance, Greetings!