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  1. I suggest to go with ICS because JB has better features but it will spoil the life of battery and in six months you will require a new battery. Also JB has bug in compass, it will show wrong direction. Few more bugs are there.
  2. I have already posted firmware of IRIS 501 ICS and Jellybean both in Modaco. Search and do the needful.
  3. Now you should flash your phone.
  4. Presently I donot have Iris 501 with me because I purchased Moto G. Hence can't help much in this matter. Really sorry.
  5. I am sure that this is a driver problem. Drivers may not be supporting win8.1. I have tested them on win 7 and win 8, 32 bit but not tested on win 8.1.
  6. I was checking screenshots, It shows signals of only one SIM. Please confirm that both SIM are working or not. http://lufile.wordpress.com/2013/12/06/screenshoot-aink/ Thanks in advance.
  7. your link is giving error 404. Here is correct link: http://ucupbudug.wordpress.com/2013/12/06/update-rom-upgrade-to-jellybean-4-2-2-for-cross-a26lava-iris-501prestigio-5000/
  8. Thanks a lot dear :)
  9. That's a great job dear. You can post kernel here since it is not banned at Modaco.
  10. At step 6, select Headset Mode and increase Max Volume value.
  11. That is a good news for Iris 501 lovers. Hope to get a link from you for 4.2.2 very soon.
  12. Dear Mr. Singh, Few other person have also downloaded ICS Firmware from my link and they have installed ICS successfully. I think either there was some problem during your download or you are using a wrong method to extract these files. You don't need to extract these files individually. Please install Winrar in your PC and just put all three files in a folder. Double click on any one file out of three, Winrar will open, just press Extract. You will get a folder and all files will be extracted inside that folder. After extraction, you will find that file size of fat_sparse.img is 801,368 KB. Total folder size will be 1.38 GB
  13. Dear Mr. Singh, It seems that there was an error while downloading files. Please download them again and try.
  14. You can do it with the help of Mobile Uncle Tools.
  15. There may be problem with file hosting server but I have written all steps clearly. Just follow them.

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