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  1. Hello Paul, I really like TweakDeck app :) But i have some lags for 2-3 weeks. The reason is, that i don't use main column, i only read my lists, replys, dms and favs. And i have set "update only manually" at main feed, but somehow it updates, and i have, for example, 2 month of unread tweets at main column. I tried to scroll it up and then clean cache, but it did'nt work :( So now i need wait 3-5 minutes till tweakdeck shows me my feed, before i see only dark screen, or it can be crashed with error message. Can i fix my app instance without reinstalling it? Thank you, Alexandra.
  2. Посылки из Нью Джерси до Берлина доходят за один день. Посылка от Калининграда до Москвы идет 4 дня. И от Москвы в СПб еще 4-5 дней. WHY?