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  1. Hi, jolufa, please explain me about battery life.
  2. for me boot animation is frog? kindly suggest how to install. iam using touch recovery
  3. hi, i installed g3 rom, after rebooting , the frog is struct , means i can't entered.
  4. Hi, when will be the expected date for RAW MOD 3.0
  5. Hi noobzilla . it is possible to add " LG 'Smart Video' eye recognition for Optimus G Pro will track eyes to pause and play video in your new rom 3 "
  6. Dear All, i already installed lewa recovery touch in my mobile, pls help me remove this, and to install clockwork mod.
  7. thank you very much , i mobile is reboot successfully from brick stage
  8. Hi All, please give advise , to repair mobile in Factory mode " Volume - and Power button " i can select option but i don't how to execute (which key has to press)
  9. Dear if switch on the mobile it directly goes to Recovery Mod, is possible to flash with SP flash tool in Recovery Mod. thanks
  10. Dear fpm_paolo, i installed lewa recovery sucessfully in one month beforeand it is successfull . yesterday i downloaded lewa 4.1 ROM and flash installed sucessful. final step is to the reboot system here i done mistake instead pressing reboot i press boot loader button, then english language gone and chinese language then removed battery and insert it again and swithch on the mobile (without voume key+) then also it going recovery mod. Android is not starting.
  11. Hi All, please help i was struct in Lewa recovery , iam not able to comeout from recovery mode. i done mistake after flash i press bootloader then English language to Chinese language. pls help me
  12. hi noobzilla can you advice between lewa recovery or CWM which is best. if CWM is best then give method for deletion of Lewa recovery as i have in my Jiayu G3.