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  1. I cannot uninstall any system app. Root is enabled, tried with many apps, but every app just force close. Any solution? BTW, everything is great. Almost no lag.
  2. I dont know why, but Winamp is UNUSABLE till 10.2 on this phone, a lot of small stucks is present, and the music almost stops when I launch some other app. I tried to set the CPU in Performance mode, but still no use. I think the problem is in something else, anyone know where?
  3. I found out that I must modify boot.img to change that start picture.. Can someone explain me that a little bit closer?
  4. Yes, that one. Mine is 'Dobre stvari pokrecu svet', that mean 'Good things run the world', and that set my network operator. I unlocked my phone, so I can use any other operator's SIM card, but now only the first splash screen has left to do.
  5. The picture before bootanimation.. I will install CM11 on my G510 as soon as i recieve Bootloader unlock code, but the first picture will still be there.
  6. Just wait a few hours, and everything will be all right. I don't know why, but there is some lag in device registering in Google's system, and you must wait so Google authorize your device for download. I have another question.. Is there any way to change the first splash screen to Huawei default, because my network operator have done some modifications on the phone's ROM.
  7. It's fine :) But... I've seen a lot of ARMv6 devices with good CM11 ROM's...You talked about no driver support. I use a build from 30.01., and it's pretty good, it's fast, not like CM9 ROM's, but in range with 10.1.. It will be even better with OC, for gaming for example (1GHz Single Core is not a best solution for gaming, I know).
  8. Any plans for making it transparent by default? Is there any performance impact when it's enabled? I think booth ways are a little too much for me, or I'm just lazy..
  9. I'm sorry... :/ And what about transparent status bar, int this ROM?
  10. Anyone, not just you? Does anyone have plans for further developing?
  11. Any plans for OC capable 3.4 kernel in this 4.4.2? And... Is there way to make status bar transparent?
  12. I dont see any traffic animation for mobile network traffic.
  13. Anyone have problems with mobile data traffic indicator?
  14. Any chance for further developing?