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  1. The latest Legacy builds IMO. CAF seems slower.
  2. If you can mount partitions on recovery, why not A) pull the build.prop file, mod it then push it back. Just remember to set the permissions Or B) push persist.sys.*can't remember* with a value of 1 file to /data/property folder. (Create a file with the appropriate name on your PC with 1) Google should be some help with different adb options here
  3. Glad you finally sorted it. Did that recovery use the hardware buttons? If so have a good look in the sub menus for mounting options.
  4. Yes. Flash the recovery. Worst case scenario we can find/extract a stock GB recovery if things go pear shaped.
  5. The zip file was originally made for people to roll back from ICS to GB and that is why it is named like that, yes both files are the same.
  6. The command to see the bootloader status is fastboot oem get-bootinfo make sure its unlocked before going further. [email protected]:/home/william# fastboot oem get-bootinfo Should read something like this: (maybe bootloader version is different) ... (bootloader) ******************************************* (bootloader) Bootloader Lock State: UNLOCKED (bootloader) System State: Bootloader in UNLOCKED state (bootloader) Bootloader Version: 001.001.000 (bootloader) ******************************************* OKAY [ 0.005s] finished. total time: 0.005s Take the zip file from here and extract recovery.img. http://www.solidfiles.com/d/e208f49ff9/
  7. The android forums method requires root due to the fact it is flashing recovery from inside a working stock ROM.
  8. Here is a recovery IMG that should work: https://mega.nz/#!DN41QCrD!lhL7UTDK_d0rl02olTIt9CNk-AMfdd_GB_V1TbwWxDs It's an old cwm5 recovery.
  9. Whatever you do check the boot loader unlocked status first. 1 I am fairly sure you can't fastboot pull. Fastboot will only write .IMG files not zip updates. 2 just use adb shell and rm any update.app files 3 If you don't need it, don't worry about it. Yes I think from memory it will attempt a forced upgrade. But only to a higher Bxxx version or b895 to b926 4 the recovery is independent from the ROM. The reason I said make sure it's compatible was(also from memory) the/data partition became corrupted on restore. Flashing recovery alone will not root your phone although some newer recoveries will ask you if you want to flash su. 5 First use fastboot to check your boot loader status BEFORE attempting to flash anything. fastboot will only flash IMG files. 6 "apply update from sd card" checks the signature of the file. 7 yes And yes you use CMD/bash prompt 8 no, after reading that guide it does not say root is needed. 9 see 3. 10 Also easier to put recovery.IMG in the same folder as fastboot on your PC. This saves typing the full path to the file. 11 fastboot reboot, then I guess because you don't have ADB enabled in stock ROM you can pull the battery for a few seconds and reboot to recovery using pwr and vol up keys. Maybe you can fastboot reboot and hold the vol up key at the same time- I've not tried this but it should work.
  10. "whole internal memory"? Your phone can have up to 64 different partitions. Perhaps just focus on trying to pull the /data partition for now I.e. adb pull /data c:\phonedata
  11. Data will be wiped if there is update.app in dload folder on the SD card that is not in your phone. I'm guessing your "notes" will be stored in /data/data/com. whatever.your.apps.handle.is/ (pull everything from here, find the file later) Maybe an idea to pull the apk file for your notes application too just in case you need it to open your file.
  12. USB debug will be enabled while you are in recovery. You may be able to mount partitions like /data from recovery via ADB but I haven't tried it. Where in your phone is the notes/files you are trying to recover?
  13. OK, maybe it's power up then. It's been a long time since I fastboot a g300.😀
  14. Enter fastboot by holding volume down and power buttons at the same time. Assuming you have installed android SDK to use ADB you will have fastboot in the same folder. Plug your phone in. Type in fastboot devices to see if your phone is recognised. Then type in fastboot oem device-info. Hopefully this tells you it is unlocked or not. If so, fastboot flash recovery (recovery name here. img make sure you get a recovery suitable for gingerbread.
  15. No, your internal memory will not be wiped. I think from memory the boot loader wasn't locked until the ice cream update.

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