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  1. I haven't had that problem -and I've been rebooting quite a bit looking at the WiFi. Is your CPU frequency set to high?
  2. @ASergey New build  of SlimKat 9.1 up. Download first post.
  3. OK, I will look at a legacy 9.1 build when I have time. I can't guarantee anything to do with repartitioning your device tho.
  4. Have you read the comments from the latest build? Also I wouldn't recommend repartitioning your g300. Link2SD does a good job of moving apps and data, just get a fast SD card.
  5. Disconnect phone from pc, hold power and volume down for 10 seconds. Reconnect to pc. open cmd/shell and type "fastboot devices" Edit: this assumes fastboot is in your system path, if it doesn't work navigate to folder with adb/fastboot.
  6. Any Way to enable soft keys?

    Try gravitybox using xposed framework.  
  7. So you have fastboot, that's a good start. Now maybe try to fastboot flash the damaged partitions, probably p3 or p2.
  8. No way to tell your original firmware that I know. The b209 update was for y300-100 not the -000.
  9. Did you create swap in mmcblk0p2 or p3? Have you tried booting to fastboot mode?
  10. To enable gaming performance you need to write to Huawei and ask them to unlock the other 6 CPU cores then purchase more phone ram. Failing that use older Android versions as they are less resource hungry. (Due to less features, not as pretty UI etc, yes it's a trade off.)
  11. You should if root is active and granted to root explorer. I just deleted it through twrp file explorer.
  12. @TobiLaForge You are correct, i installed TWRP fron here: http://www.modaco.com/forums/topic/375952-recovery-collection/ and it installs well, Thanks. PS, this recovery hasn't hung for me yet...
  13. Hi, @chil360, Have an error flashing 29/11/15 build on G510. 23/11/15 installs fine. i have a pic of log in TWRP( it makes any difference) PS: MD5 checks out ok  
  14. Internal memory emmc has gone "read only" best and only fix I know is to buy a damaged/second hand phone and swap the mother board.
  15. If you have done full b209 update it will be difficult to return as these will usually only update to a higher bxxx number. Can I ask why you want to go backwards to b169?

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