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  1. Factory reset will fix this. If you have root maybe try deleting /data/misc/wifi folder first but i haven't had to try this.
  2. Using TWRP file explorer delete the partner apps folder before first boot, this takes out a lot of crap.
  3. I would use the UK MR02 recovery. The recoveries don't seem region specific and should update with​ a full flash anyway.
  4. Dolby ui built in :)
  5. Yep, all I did was install the Turkish 5.1.1ROM listed in the first post then root with kingroot. Flashed recovery from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.mkrtchyan.recoverytools before rebooting and losing root. I installed 6.0.1 via TWRP, wiped data then flashed SuperSU 2.79. First time I've used systemless root and it seems to be working good.
  6. Try extracting the zip file, there is another two zip files inside.
  7. Can't wait to try this with root 😀 See the TWRP recovery thread in stickies.
  8. Excellent 😀 got to give it a try. Rolled back to 5.1.1 due to odd issues on 6.0.1 but if MM has root some of these strange bugs might be resolved.
  9. So you've got rooted 6.0.1?
  10. I have aux cable to car stereo. It does not detect being plugged in. I'm also on the Turkish ROM for the Dolby. Using Soundabout app or routes audio to the 3.5 mm socket playing in stereo sound so it's not badly plugged and contacts are good. I did a factory reset before installing the 6.0.1 full ROM. I can also verify the hotspot issue, it only stays on if you remain in the tethering and hotspot menu and the screen stays on.
  11. Modaco seemed to go down today but back up now, let me know if it works.
  12. Here: https://mega.nz/#!2YBWXTDB!NRuZX3QJ-ntOm8esTS2DaXWTT-si9flsdQeeyaKyvfU You might need to manually boot to fastboot mode.
  13. I'll send you a link shortly to a zip file (I have to dig it out of my archives and upload it) containing dload folder and update.app. This is for the u8815-100 or-0100 version only. If you have a -151 or other you will lose 3g. Extract it to SD card so dload folder is in the top directory, put the battery back in and reboot. Hopefully this will install stock ROM.
  14. From what I understand you need to use an older ROM on this recovery.
  15. Are you still on the stock ROM? If not do you know what was the last stock version you had?

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