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  1. And for sure it's a G510-100? If this is the case it may be time for an upgrade.
  2. I have here b199 from Switzerland: https://mega.nz/#!SQJHyLSa!fFZ0ooiZgL2hMp65j7emu1m-OVqS3OaNscUFNJ0yxQs I may have others on my PC, will check in the morning.
  3. B199 or b200 should work, what ROM and recovery do you have?
  4. Try a 2degrees card, that should tell you if it's network locked or not.
  5. I don't think it's compatible, telecom uses 850 and 2100 for 3g. VF SU6 has 850 band listed for 2g use. You may be able to get 4g in central Auckland.
  6. Do you have a SD card? If not you could try side loading something like speedy ROM. Are the partitions mounted in recovery you are trying to write files to? ADB will already be in root mode when using custom recoveries.
  7. Try using TWRP to clear dalvic/cache. Look at the log and tell us if it comes up with a similar "read only" error.
  8. My thoughts also, an early version of TWRP messed up some internal partitions on my G300 and I haven't used it since. On the other hand TWRP is the only one I use on G510.
  9. Without gaps? I will try this tomorrow. If you continue to have problems for now, can you try going to cwm and formatting /system /cache /data. Don't use factory reset and see if it fixes it.
  10. I've just come back to this phone and ROM, my work phone died. I'm on I haven't used twrp since early on. Nothing in any of my lost file folders - Can you suggest any steps to reproduce the problem?
  11. What cwm recovery are you using? This was an issue with an earlier version(still works fine with GB, ICS, JB but not KK based ROMs.
  12. Hangs when booting in 50% of cases :( I haven't had that problem -and I've been rebooting quite a bit looking at the WiFi. Is your CPU frequency set to high?
  13. @ASergey New build of SlimKat 9.1 up. Download first post.
  14. I use it on G510. And already repartitioning G300 because it is much more stable and comfortable. OK, I will look at a legacy 9.1 build when I have time. I can't guarantee anything to do with repartitioning your device tho.

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