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  1. wmoore added a post in a topic Wireless charging - supplement, but don't replace...   

    I picked up one from ebay (http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/190868226501?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649) for my N4 and it works a treat. It is on my desk at work and I know that after using the phone a bit during the day, I just drop it on the pad and let it charge. Charge rate is reasonable - not as quick as mains charging but much quicker than USB.
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  2. wmoore added a post in a topic No hope for jelly bean?   

    IBM hasn't made laptops for some time so I presume you mean Lenovo. However, the R61 has been discontinued for about 18 months or so.
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  3. wmoore added a post in a topic Tethering Nexus 4 to Nexus 7   

    Does Orange block tethering? Some US carriers do. I spent last week on holiday accessing the net on my 7 tethered to my 4 (wifi tethering) so it does work. Have you reset all your wifi settings (told the 7 to forget your network)? Also, try taking all the encryption off - I wouldn't recommend leaving it that way but it is worth doing for testing.
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  4. wmoore added a post in a topic Jr18 **WiFi** (JDQ39 / 4.2.2): MoDaCo Custom ROM for the Nexus 7   

    Not for me. It worked in JR15 and it still works in JR16.
    In fact the ROM is flying now since I cleared 5GB worth of 'blobs' in the Clockworkmod folder. Turns out deleting the backup still leaves stuff behind which eventually fills the drive up!
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  5. wmoore added a post in a topic Where is the Modaco Custom Rom Kitchen?   

    You realise this is the Sensation forum right? For Nexus 7, start here.
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  6. wmoore added a post in a topic wifi hotspot wont work with nexus 7   

    I have had issues with hotspot in the past on different ROMs so I keep Barnacle WiFi Tether handy. I bought the widget too because it is pretty cool (and I'm all for rewarding the dev). I haven't had to use it in a while but it is definitely easy to set up and with the widget, it has one-click activation / de-activation too.
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  7. wmoore added a post in a topic podcast app   

    Podkicker works for me. I have several audio and video feeds and it updates / downloads on open. It also saves my feeds into an OPML file onto the SD card, so I never have to worry about backing up when flashing new ROMs, as I seem to do all too frequently :P
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