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  1. could you enter in fastboot mode by powering the phone and press the hardkey ?
  2. Oki so you need a windows box to use it i suppose.
  3. Can you provide a link to eroot ? Thanks :)
  4. Tyvm I have lost the original firmware 229 ( my fault a bad manipulation ) Could be usefull if a problem with the phone (waranty )
  5. Hey thanks for this i'll give it a try :D
  6. I'm not sure the cwm given in my tuto works with the lte is the phone boot normally ? Even if cwm is damaged phone should boot normally
  7. My actual rom uses sdcard for the memory Is this could be a problem ?
  8. Maybe you can access to the bootloader with an adb reboot bootloader ?
  9. you type the commands in windows terminal cd / cd android-sdk cd platorm-tols and so on
  10. Me it's the oposite. I don't like the emui interface. :P