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  1. Status 7 ZTE Blade III when trying to flash custom rom

    1) Please don't shout 2) You're English is fine. Grammar could do with some work. Doesn't everybody's? 3) Please post to the right thread. The CWM recovery thread, where KonstaT says: And so that's what you do. Flash it from ClockworkMod.
  2. AnTuTu benchmark record?

    On the exact same phone? You'll need more than just a screenshot. You'll need proof it's the exact same phone by using a video camera. In either case, it's extremely doubtful you'll get anywhere close. Even after 1 year my phone dropped a couple of thousand. Expect the same.
  3. AnTuTu benchmark record?

    You still don't get it: New motherboard = New CPU + New RAM chip (both embedded!) = higher scores, because they haven't been worn out yet. I'm sure if I did this I would be leaving your score of 6856 in the DUST. There is no need to try it. It speaks volumes of sense, even to a layman. New phone, in an old case, hence the newer (overclocked) score of 11003. I repeat: There is nothing special about this.
  4. android 5.0

    Probably best not to try it. These phone's of ours aren't going to be able to cope with it very well... This phone has reached the end of it's life (by a good year, to be honest) and it would take a lot of effort for something that won't work properly, at least in the beginning, and probably ever. We are far better off to get newer phones, and even the lower end phones are leaving ours (hardware spec wise) in the dust. But they will always be classics. Probably ZTE's best phone thus far in terms of it's user base (devices sold). But with a new phone, means being able to get Android 5.x and possibly 6.x
  5. AnTuTu benchmark record?

    Yes. It. Will. Do you even read what you're posting? On your own thread? The first test posted on the 14th of January is 6856!! The "record" you're talking about is 11003 posted here - which was dated 13 of February, an entire month later, after you'd bricked, repaired and re-flashed the device: Which therefore leads to assertions such as: When really....
  6. AnTuTu benchmark record?

    It's only worthwhile as a test against the same phone after periods of time. Comparing tests against other phones (even the same type) isn't going to be a fair test if the phones tested against have had more use. Make sense? It's pretty obvious. Again, it's only useful for benchmarking (that's the word used) the performance of the phone over a period of time! The reason why your newer phone would have a better benchmark, is because it would be newer with (I'm assuming) better performance capability. You can use it as a benchmark against your Blade 3, but it's really only useful over time for itself, and the further in time you go, the less useful for comparing with other phones, and only the phone itself.
  7. AnTuTu benchmark record?

    Considering the state that it is currently in, who really is going to care? It's nothing special, I assure you. If you'd done it on the phone that you had bricked, perhaps - it wasn't in a "new" state. Unfortunately for you, I don't see you getting a score as high as the high 12,000's (I wish I could show you) but this was straight from factory floor, and not overclocked :o Watching you try now is a recipe for madness. Trying it on your new phone is far more likely, but nobody is going to care. This attempt at trying to swing the big one is utterly pointless - it's a bench-marking program, designed to show the current life capability of the device over time, and not a good way to try comparison against the life of other phones with differing usage i.e. not all people use their phones constantly for gaming, or have it constantly overclocked, flash the guts out of it with every ROM they see etc. Some people just use their phone, as a phone, and that would lead to slightly better performance over time than those that don't, despite having the phone for the same amount of time. So take the test on your new phone, as a scientific fair test, do nothing to it (ie overclocking) and then try it again in a year's time (assuming you haven't bricked that) and see if you get anywhere close to that mark again. Comprende vu?
  8. AnTuTu benchmark record?

    How: Why? And so: But: Never say never.
  9. AnTuTu benchmark record?

    Yes, while over-clocking it. It's a very old chipset. When I first brought the Acqua off the shelf it would have been well capable of this once governors were used. I have seen tests higher at the time (well over 12,000). This is not special - your EOL'd phone is effectively brand new... Since your motherboard has been replaced recently, it's not really a true test of the hardware when you're doing that to it (over-clocking). I doubt the others testing it have bothered to do that either. Still... It's a new phone in an old case ;) Just saying
  10. [DEV][ROM][2.7.] CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4.4)

    1) Flash this in ClockworkMod. No guarantee, but since you seem relatively new here I take it you wouldn't know about it. 2) Random reboots are one thing, and some people have fixed it by putting a piece of folded paper/cardboard (??) in between the battery and the back panel. I've never bothered myself, personally. It happens so rarely to me, that I can only suggest it's random when it does happen. But: "doesn't want to stop untill I pull out the battery". I have no idea about.
  11. Downgrade from CM11

    Not when it's buggy, no. That's best for when everything works well, and you'd like to keep a copy (best not to keep it on the sdcard - put it on a PC hard drive instead), or, if you're not sure if the ROM you're flashing will work or not.
  12. Downgrade from CM11

    Hi 10.1 is more stable, while 10.2 has more features. Just use ClockworkMod recovery that you have. It works as far as I know. You just can't install CM11 without that recovery. Just follow the instructions, and since you're going back to another version, wipe /system (mounts & storage) as well as doing a factory reset.
  13. Anybody can do the android 5 ROM?

    Hi. good on you for having a try. It looks as if you're having troubles with the make files. Can't figure it out myself as I don't have a Linux partition again yet. (I'm going to have to try now!!) Try adding the following to your boardconfig.mk: ANDROID_COMMON_BUILD_MK = true Although I'm certain that won't be where the problems end :wacko: By the way... You should probably make a new thread for this, as you're actually attempting to get somewhere with it. It's not 'porting' per se (that just requires a ROM from a compatible device, plus a zip program and notepad). It's building from source. I think the sources may have sorted themselves out enough for us to have a go at it. Good luck.
  14. Anybody can do the android 5 ROM?

    ^^ Gosh, I was thinking of trolling. But if that's what you're thinking, you'd just have to ask him, although who really cares to engage with him here? Best we keep the troll away. Not entirely convinced yet, but the Blade 3 didn't recieve a JB or KK kernel, and had to be cooked up. The same would be of the Lollipop one, I'm sure. One thing I am sure of though, is that without it being 'stripped', as you put it, it'll run quite slowly, after a very short while, and we'd probably have to take a look at a few bugs that'd pop their heads up again. In the end, it really is worth the hassle to get a phone that supports it already, and it'd be worth the while. Considering Konsta's abilities, getting a MotoG would be worth the while, but I'd be the type to splash out on a new phone instead, even if only crap end for the time. if we're giving ZTE another chance (and tbh they barely deserve it) then that Blade S6 is looking pretty decent.

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