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    Custom Kernel??

    Havecu try it? Report back with a download link :D if u can use it for daily usage....
  2. This is my backup using op recovery This is my backup with other device Usually (all android I use before) its backup like first picture, but why backup of my acqua is empty zip but have another file ext4.tar.a with big size, like the backup is in that file and not in normal ext4.tar file? Is it normal?
  3. Anyone can please answer me? Can I use MobileUncle app to flash recovery?
  4. fyrus_nia


    I just use the universal mtk root from bin4ry...too easy Plug usb... Run the Runme.bat... Select 1 - on phone tab "restore" - phone will reboot Done
  5. Can i use mobileUncle to flash this?
  6. Please help, I can't use pc coz my pc is on repair now, really wish can just flash it via stock recovery :(
  7. I already root, but how to flash the zip to get cwm on my acqua? I try flash via stock recovery but signature varification failed...