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  1. Dear sebastian404. I have a big problem with my ZTE joe. (V871) I tried to install a clockworkmod_recovery_4.0.1.5-joe.img and I followed the steps published by yourself in one of this forums. My ZTE-V871 never showed the recovery console (only a white screen with a black FTM message), and I installed via fastboot and recovery manager the clockwork mentioned before. In both cases installed procedure was successfully but the problem persists. My cell is blocked with ZTE splash screen everytime I try to start the clockwork (I used to do that with key combinations and recovery manager option too). Those procedures erase my default recovery partition and I can’t restart my phone with factory default option (wipe user data/factory-reset) My cellphone data are: ZTE-V871 and was bought in Germany, it have a Froyo Android 2.2 When I connect it via USB and make adb devices, adb shows this message P727A devices Please could you help me ?