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  1. brightfuture

    William Makis Newbie...

    Welcome to this forum William.
  2. brightfuture

    Paul, A question for u - What does MoDaCo stand for ??

    OOPS !! i have no idea regarding MoDaco. tell me what does it mean?pls...
  3. brightfuture

    Brittish people: Euro or Pound?

    I would like to pay in Euros.
  4. brightfuture

    What antivirus/firewall?

    I'm using Avast 2013 anti-virus free.
  5. brightfuture

    Does upgrading to Froyo remove SIM Lock?

    You can't remove SIM lock by upgrading to Froyo 2.2 from stock 2.1 ROM . But, you can use the features of the newer version ( Froyo 2.2) . You can remove SIM lock by using unlocking method. A lot of possible ways available for unlocking phones . Among all, using unlock code is one of the legit way to unlock your ZTE Blade from your locked network. You can unlock your phone by using software/from your Network carrier/using free instructions/from any of the third-party service providers like Onlinegsmunlock.com . Note : Unlock service cost will vary from one provider to another. It depends upon their service. To get the code from online service, you have to mention your country and network to get the unlock code from them. So, it is not possible to remove SIM lock by just upgrading stock ROM to any custom 2.2 ROM.
  6. Post your new mobile pictures here !
  7. brightfuture

    introduction post

    hi all, I'm new to this forum. Good Afternoon.