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  1. This is an experimental feature :D. How to activate UI GPU rendering?
  2. @Konstat: Hey, this it really possible? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=710850\
  3. Its my result on overclock phones with CM 10 ZTE Blade III: Lg GT540: Huh :( In OpenGL 2.0 benchmark blade had 5fps, lg 15 fps :/ Old adreno is better than new adreno 200?
  4. [email protected] Which GPU is better? 'Enhanced' Adreno 200 or Adreno 205?
  5. My Brother Xperia J, have stable 1.3GHz OC and better run 3d games >.> Xperia J have better optimalization ?
  6. I'll wait for more frequencies to OC, devices with Scorpion core normally operate at 1.8 GHz. This cpu has a lot of OC potential. This SoC can run on 1,5GHz :) My max stable freq is 1190MHz.
  7. Huawei G300 have 2160cpu and 1760 3d points, with the same SoC.
  8. its branded rom by PLAY Poland.
  9. CM 10 on stock freq : Stock Rom on stock freq: What's is wrong?
  10. It's already overclocked from 128MHz to 245MHz, or this is new gpu and architecture :/
  11. Hmm my xpreria j have 2230 cpu points in quadrant on normal freq, and the blade has only 1640 :/ These smartphones have the same SoC's, in later CM 10.1 versions you can improve optimization?
  12. @KonstaT: In later versions of the kernel will be possible GPU overclock ? :)
  13. Will it be possible GPU overclock in later kernel versions? :)

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