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  1. glossywhite

    Thanks for all the hard work you have done mate your work is much appreciated :)

    Hi bud...u need to copy the xolo update.zip into the unbrick folder in San Diego/tools/..then run the aio tool then select fix brick
  3. toolbox lite or pro

    Downloaded the lite version and all seems OK ..back up worked and uninstall worked fine ..not that there was much to uninstall after fibblesans rom :)...
  4. toolbox lite or pro

    Hi everyone I've rooted and using flibblesans stock rom..just wondering as we can't flash custom roms..is it worth getting toolbox pro..or just download the toolbox lite ?..and does it slow the phone down as the last time I used it it seemed to slow the phone. was on orange ics then!!!... Thanks
  5. back up rom

    Hi I've just got toolbox pro and I'm just wondering if someone can tell me how to back up my rom to root Thanks Justin
  6. ics update

    All done I must of had a bad download uninstalled the program then started from scrach ...I now have orange ics so I can now get me phone repaired tnx peeps for the help Justin
  7. ics update

    Yeap done that now it pushed all the files ...but then failed at system/system2 .bin/part...it says no file directiory not found ? .
  8. ics update

    There's one bit I might have wrong which is pauls orange dump I changed its name to dump and left it in the c/ san diego ...should that be fine...also I had to change the flash files to update.zip ..and left them in the files the tool put them in which is orange in orange ...xolo in xolo for the bricked I copyed and pasted xolo ...
  9. ics update

    Thanks for replying all...the only thing I didn't do was flash xolo...but I have to fix brick it everytime I try so I have a fresh copy flashed when I try again.....I root with no prob ..then flash the orange logo goes with no problems....just havin probs with the orange flash ....I'll try again by flashin xolo first and let u peeps know have I get on
  10. ics update

    hi all ive have a problem updating i need to send bk by osd due to carema faliure power button and vibration all broken o and bezel lol..i can root and download the orange logo but when i flash the orange ics i get a fail system 2 run part , then the files push to the phone ,the phone goes to the update bit ,but then aborts installations sayins something about cache update.zip error not sure what ive got wrong thanks justin edit it says assert failed: file_getprop.....then loads of txt, then error in /cache/update.zip (status 7) installation aborted