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  1. Expand G300 RAM memory

    use zRAM (built in CM ROMs) and reduce the apps you are using or change some of them (alternatives). Some of them are great RAM eaters. You will see improvement ;) Forget using SWAP, because it is only a placebo. System will close apps in the same way, doesnt matter if you have or dont have SWAP. And will be more laggy with swap, more crashes, freezing etc.
  2. #RIP #Start Kdo nezná, nepochopí, kdo zná, trpí xD #PracovníMalboro BTW tabák je ve všech stejný, jen obal se mění http://t.co/vXctgjvqdS
  3. #VanocniTrhy #Teplice #RozsveceniStromku Totalni #Fail pár stánků, fronty až do rice, špatná zvuk.technika... #MrdatSvatky xD
  4. Phone bricked?

    Send to warranty - service for repair.
  5. I Can't install update.app

    There is no middle package to update from yours build to B952. And as I told before, the only way is to zero your imei (backup before zeroing)... No one recommend it, but if there is no way, you have to do it. I got the same problem, but not anymore, because I dont want to use stock ICS or any stock ROM. (all of them really suxxxs and are laggy more than custom ones) Do not use 5irom, use the PC one to zero it...
  6. #DarkAvenger Další ze zajímavých závislostí... Líbí se mi změna designu postavy s novou zbrojí. Vychytané http://t.co/zjBU4oQibx
  7. #PanDrsnak #CastleClash #JungleHeat Nekompromisní vyhazov všem z klanu, co se týmově nepodílí...
  8. I Can't install update.app

    If you really want to update to B952, you have to zero your imei, because the update is region restricted and depends on your IMEI. Read carefully all manuals here and you will gain what you need
  9. Notification bar HELP

    You can use third party app called Power Toggles or flash some CM power toggles from this site.
  10. DSSJ - take it to warranty, there is no way to unlock some kinds of G300 without starting it. Yeah, tested middle package, tested "pink mode" to update via update.app (B952), older GB one, but again without zeroing cant do any of FORCED UPDATE. The thing with fastboot and ANY ROM is stupidity. When you have locked BL, you cannot run custom ROMs even repack of stock ROM. I got my G300 bricked due the locked BL and installed repack. (repack installed on unlocked BL, but restored 5irom bck of IMEI - the first Ive made - after boot brick) In service they cant fix it with software but with changing HW part (some module or so)... No one understand because they have different brand of G300. I understand cause with DSSJ have the same one... (no forced update)
  11. #TSTO #Screenshot Sprosté časopisy v přírodě... vlastně jen kousek od baráku xD http://t.co/EddsPIz6iX
  12. Při hraní #DeadTrigger2 na androidu jsem dostal chuť na oldschool #DementiumTheWard pro NDS... Ee, jdu střílet zombíky... xD

  13. #DeadTrigger2 #Escort Find survivors and protect them... Tenhle vypadá v pohodě xD #Klidas http://t.co/WDdYV52SJj
  14. #FunRun #Scoreboard @MyMobilecz #Den01 Gratuluji vítězi ( @Ozollet ) a těším se na zítřejší pokračování v 10:00! http://t.co/yJ2ncbUDYm