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  1. penthaler added a post in a topic Expand G300 RAM memory   

    use zRAM (built in CM ROMs) and reduce the apps you are using or change some of them (alternatives). Some of them are great RAM eaters. You will see improvement ;)
    Forget using SWAP, because it is only a placebo. System will close apps in the same way, doesnt matter if you have or dont have SWAP. And will be more laggy with swap, more crashes, freezing etc. 
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  2. penthaler added a post in a topic Phone bricked?   

    Send to warranty - service for repair. 
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  3. penthaler added a post in a topic I Can't install   

    There is no middle package to update from yours build to B952. And as I told before, the only way is to zero your imei (backup before zeroing)... No one recommend it, but if there is no way, you have to do it.
    I got the same problem, but not anymore, because I dont want to use stock ICS or any stock ROM. (all of them really suxxxs and are laggy more than custom ones)
    Do not use 5irom, use the PC one to zero it...
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  4. penthaler added a post in a topic I Can't install   

    If you really want to update to B952, you have to zero your imei, because the update is region restricted and depends on your IMEI. Read carefully all manuals here and you will gain what you need
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  5. penthaler added a post in a topic Notification bar HELP   

    You can use third party app called Power Toggles or flash some CM power toggles from this site.
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  6. penthaler added a post in a topic How to unbrick? Bootloader seems to be locked   

    DSSJ - take it to warranty, there is no way to unlock some kinds of G300 without starting it.
    Yeah, tested middle package, tested "pink mode" to update via (B952), older GB one, but again without zeroing cant do any of FORCED UPDATE.
    The thing with fastboot and ANY ROM is stupidity. When you have locked BL, you cannot run custom ROMs even repack of stock ROM.
    I got my G300 bricked due the locked BL and installed repack. (repack installed on unlocked BL, but restored 5irom bck of IMEI - the first Ive made - after boot brick)
    In service they cant fix it with software but with changing HW part (some module or so)... 
    No one understand because they have different brand of G300. I understand cause with DSSJ have the same one... (no forced update)
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  7. penthaler added a post in a topic Problem with Whatsapp in many roms   

     Man, why you need your conversations restored? Delete all, delete data of this app, in app manager force close it, clear cache and everything and start it. Provide with your phone number, do not restore old conversation and deny access to automatic synchronization in phone settings.
    If you using any task manager (or startup manager) set whatsapp to not kill by system, and autostart enable and you are done.
    I am using Whatsapp almost two years, tested on GB, ICS, not tested on JB, because I dont want to slow the phone down with this system. Btw. Antutu score with JB is worst than score on ICS.
    Using CM9 30082013version and all goes really smooth.
    Btw. did you do clear install of any ROM? Wiped all data, dalvik cache etc?
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  8. penthaler added a post in a topic DEEP SLEEP PROBLEM - UNUSABLE G300 - HELP   

    What about full wipe after installing any ROM?
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  9. penthaler added a post in a topic Help root...   

    search for motochopper pc tool for rooting motorola phones. I rooted my pmp 3970b 7.0screen 4.1.1 android with it. So try it too.
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  10. penthaler added a topic in Huawei Ascend G300 -   

    Advice for original ROM repack, unlocked BL and 5irom app!
    OK, this thread is a little warning for those G300 users, which cannot do oficial update via any oficial ROM ( and need zeroing IMEI.
    Doesnt matter if you do that with 5irom or PC tool, if you restore it, there is one thing you have to know!

    NEVER RESTORE IMEI BACKUP when you back it up with locked bootloader, in state when you installed any custom ROM (or stock repacked ROM) and using unlocked bootloader.
    You will brick your phone and cannot ressurect it (no recovery, no possibility to run it in fastboot mode, cannot update via forced update)

    just only info, that your system has uncertified boot section or something and big orange triangle with ! sign...

    The main problem is in 5irom app, dont know why, but never had problems with that PC tool for zeroying IMEI.
    When installed repack of stock ICS B936 ROM, I had still unlocked Bootloader, but need to change first boot screen - so I unluckily used 5irom and very very very old IMEI backup (of course, I did it when bootloader was locked, and the first boot screen stays on huawei)... and... OK - my bad, my stupidity...

    custom ROM (doesnt matter if custom or stock REPACK) needs to have unlocked bootloader, and if that ROM has not corectly signed boot image, it doesnt matter, till you lock BL... with restoring IMEI I locked it and till that time cannot do nothing. Only sent to warranty, and that I did it last Tuesday... so, take this as a warning or advice, to prevent those troubles that I met with.

    Will provide you if they "fix" the system, or give me new one or any infos after I will get response from "repair" service.
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  11. penthaler added a post in a topic HELP - Phone won't boot after installing "relock ICS bootloader zip" by jsevi83   

    Radu56 if the advice from denzele dont work, the only way to do the job - send it to warranty, because you cannot update via force installation because of IMEI and region limitations!
    Everytime I want to force update my G300 with B952, I have to "zero" my IMEI and after that the force update is possible. But this cant work for you, because you need to fully boot the phone to backup IMEI, zero it...

    I was tested B952 worldwide and B952 serbia and no one helps without that zeroing IMEI.

    Good Luck

    btw. Next thing is, that you probably make a mistake with that relocking, because you need the oficial ROM before relocking Bootloader. When you lock it on custom ROM, phone cant boot, custom CWM/TWRP is lost, so you cant restore backup of nandroid (if you have some)...
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  12. penthaler added a post in a topic I am on GB B895 and can't upgrade to ICS, no OTA offered   

    If you want to sell it, just make "factory format" and dont start the phone ;)

    When you force update to ICS, you need to "zero" imei (not recommended by modacco masters), but it is the only way... BUT - factory defaul as possible? When you "zero" imei, you need to ROOT your phone, backup IMEI, zero it, force update to ICS (only one is B952), run it, again ROOT it, and restore IMEI -> and the ROOT still will be there...

    So, just make FACTORY FORMAT and sell the phone. If the new owner will need update to ICS, he will do it himself ;)
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  13. penthaler added a post in a topic Uninstall All Backup - how???   

    Just search well in es file settings, because YOU CAN modify or delete or anything in /SYSTEM folders xD
    using ES and running on CM9... xD

    Start ES - there is NET/PHONE icon on top left side -> that is icon for QUICK ACCESS
    Tap on the last item under Favourite - and ROOT EXPLORER.
    After this grand ROOT ACCESS and click to item with R/W icon (connect for write/read)

    there is

    and next two columns RO / RW... So tick the RW (read write) for all of them and press OK.

    Done xD
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  14. penthaler added a post in a topic Freezing so bad that a battery pull is required?   

    This problem could do synchronization, and refreshing apps, autoupdating apps from google play... all in the same time.
    Phone could be laggy when this happened and when is using so much, could freeze totally due the low RAM... Maybe it is overheating cpu too...

    My advice:
    - disable all useless app synchronization (GP, sync, emails) and watch it if any improvement. If not...

    - backup important infos (contacts... etc) and do factory format or wipe all data via stock recovery.
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  15. penthaler added a post in a topic [ICS] [4.0.4] CyanogenMod 9.1 [ROM]   

    I think so...
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