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  1. Do not install it, is b960 ics. B952 id better. Its my opinion.
  2. Hi kyan one question: Id this project dead? I like ics and i like your roms. Tx
  3. Ho, i think that ics id the Best way for this device. Its my opinion Sorry for my english
  4. gioggio70

    [TWEAK] Supercharge the G300

    Tested on b960 great work
  5. Hi, my b952 was upgradated to MeijaICS xtra(b960) band after reboot it is in crash. Any idea? Tx Sorry for my english
  6. I can't develop, i can support who do int for us. But now ......i wait the next release :P
  7. hi, great work! I have one question: i can't see the app drawer, is it present in this rom? thank's
  8. I love this rom, but i note one issue, important for me: it drain my battery