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  1. it works,thanks jsevi and pain,it is awesome,no lag when scrooling for now,only hate there's not file manager in cm9. :P :P
  2. upload framework,and build.prop,please Thanks,if you find time,make the flashable zip with this modded files Flashable zip is for lazy guys like me :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  3. kyan,the wake wolume unlock dont work,try to flash but nothing,and try with mount system and data in recovery,and nothing,can you look what is happening with that sory on english!!
  4. igorbj

    [GB] [2.3.7] CyanogenMod 7 [ROM]

    Ima nas pun kurac,u dva ne bi stalo. This is work on 8815,nema problema,samo ga meči kume,he,he Živjeli!!!!
  5. What is that mean-reuploaded,any change in rom,can you explain thanks narkoman
  6. v 1.1 is bether for me,but dont running on 2030,instal patch and is very fluid and nice. 4.0 roms is very big s..t for ours phones,never run fast like cm7,and ginger.
  7. Play with framework-res.apk,and there is battery percentage
  8. is it good this miu Mister Dakok iz Splita HI HI
  9. spirit fm working normaly,sd cards mounts normaly,eweriting works fine-thanks dazz,and rom is very fluide
  10. Can you make patch for call recording,that chose auto recording,or manual thanks