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  1. Leaving community.

    good bye all of u , i was a plesure beeing here.i'm moving to galaxy s2. all the best thoughts!
  2. [ICS] [4.0.4] CyanogenMod 9.1 [ROM]

    i use cm9 for 1 year , i found it the most stable and fluid rom for ascend g300 , i don;t have any problem..try to flash it again with full wipes
  3. when i turn on my mobile data i don't want fb , mail, tapatalk and other apps eat my free data..i have only 250mb of mobile data..
  4. did someone know any greenify-like app for GB?
  5. [ICS] MeijaICS [B952 4.0.3] FINAL Version !

    Thank you very mutch! Does this work on all roms?
  6. [ICS] MeijaICS [B952 4.0.3] FINAL Version !

    do you have volume rocker wake zip?:d
  7. can we have this theme on CM9?
  8. [ICS] MeijaICS [B952 4.0.3] FINAL Version !

    did someone have MeijaICS-tweak-WakeUpWithVolKeys.zip ?
  9. Volume wake on rooted stock B952 ???

    lol , i tought that is an official web page or something.. the .zip file is no longer availabe..dead link or i don't know..do you have the zip Kyan?
  10. Volume wake on rooted stock B952 ???

    MeijaROM page? can u provide a link please? ..i can't find it :s
  11. how can i add volume roker wake? or the rom have this feature allready?
  12. how it's the battery life? general impresion?
  13. does it stay on huawei logo boot screen forever?
  14. My first rom coming soon!!!!!

    share some screens?
  15. Developer needed

    Ok..i.ll stop