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  1. Gsus... :P This is tricky for a noob. Eheheh i've to revert kitkat for ics, unlock, and install again kitkat so that 3G works fine and do not lose signal or restart the phone? This is not good.. eheheh ok, thanks for the advices!
  2. Hi guys! I was trying to use DC Unlocker but i can't enter the purple screen. When i try to do volume -, volume + and power together i just get a bar and no purple screen... and then i can't do anything. How can i get into that purple screen or what am i doing wrong? Thanks
  3. Thanks a lot for the answer joandrade. But now i've another doubt, a noob doubt. LOL What is an unlocked bootloader? Lol Sorry for my ignorance.
  4. Hey guys, i really need your help in two topics please! 1- Finally i've a new contract with Vodafone and finally have mobile data 3G always connected. And... i've a problem. From hour to hour i've to reboot my phone because i loose connection. I can't do anything... No calls, no sms, no internet, nothing... 2- I have installed a long time ago Nightly version 20131225... Yesterday i try to install the last nightly but after the download, it asks me to reboot and when enter the screen for installation it says that the file was not found... what could this be? Thanks a lot guys.
  5. hey guys, anyone can help me please... i don't know why but since i've installed this nightly my phone doesn't automatically connects 3G when needs it for MMS... How can i work this around?
  6. Hey guys! Happy 2014 for all of you! I've 2 question for you. I've installed this room and now i've two problems... the first one is that MMS doesn't come in instantly has it should. I've to connect the 3G manually to receive them. In the last rom i had the 3G connection was auto when needed for MMS... How can i solve this? The second problem is that when i turn on my 3G and then turn it off i can't send or receive SMS and have to restart the phone... Anyone knows how can i solve this? Thanks.
  7. Hi guys! How are you? Merry christmas by the away! ;) And now... is there any "guideline" on how to install this for noobies? Eheheh. Thanks.
  8. Hi guys, can you please help me? I use this rom and i've noticed a little problem. The phone that is listed on google play is not my phone. I've a huawei ascend g300 and the phone that appears there is HTC Desire... How can i change this?! Thanks.
  9. Hey people! The new version still have the problem with signal lost. Is that normal?!
  10. Already working! Thanks a lot for the help!
  11. i can't do mount USB storage even after i've installed the USB drivers for Huawei G300... Never reach my device...
  12. But... i can't access the menu to make things like usb debugging...