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  1. I am looking for a way to unlock the network of Alcatel One Touch Pop C7, free preferencial.. If you know any good website that give the codes for low price i would like it too. My network: vodafone Portugal
  2. same here... any notice? seems a little bit outdated the website/twitter etc
  3. tkdfilipe

    Final Stable ROM for the G300?

    ive never find a rom for G300 above GB stable ... without lag mainly
  4. sorry for the noob question but, i have B1 with patch1 . Should i go for the B2 or for the patch 2? is the b1+patch1+patch2 = b2 ?
  5. got 1 bug... All night charging and i only have 39% battery. :/ hope you can fix it . gj and i am getting many problems with snapchat camera .... lag, crash's etc , in the other rom as the same... but if you can do something will be great. still on snapchat too, but only in this rom: i cant open some snaps's, just appear the number counting.
  6. anyone using this rom more then at least 3 weeks? feedback pls lag? bugs? cons?
  7. how to get in recovery in the rom? when i use keys down+power i get stuck in Huwaei Ascend logo.
  8. any1 here that have changed to a more updated rom? Can give me a advice? I tried a few some time ago, but the best was by far Stock+, but now i feel it need to be update, im getting some problems with network signal (some people my phone is off when try to call me). Since cyda is away, i need to get other rom.
  9. tkdfilipe

    Too many pattern attempts

    My brother mess up my phone, now ask me for email and password, but the problem is the phone isnt connected to Internet, Wifi and Mobile data Is OFF. Everytime that i try the email/pass is says invalid. I really dont want to do a factory reset, so i am hoping for a alternative. Phone: Huawei Ascend G300 ROM: Stock+
  10. can someone confirm me this with Dom's DiagnosticTools, we are getting the same problem in the [iCS] [4.0.4] CyanogenMod 9.1 [ROM]. Maybe Kernel problem?
  11. Anyone using this rom for more than 36 hours can give me a feedback please? I am using now for my first rom [iCS] [4.0.4] CyanogenMod 9.1 [ROM] in this phone. Not bad, but not perfect. should i try stock+?
  12. I can confirm I'm also facing the automatic backlight setting not working. Light sensor is stuck at 10 lx too and i dont see changes in low/high light.