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  1. Hey guys, i think i solved the battery drain issue. I installed the program "wakelock" (with 5 stars in playstore) and saw, that the service "Telefone", the subroutine RILJ is the evil power-klauer (energy-sucker). While the services with heaviest wakelock created about 6 min / day, this one alone has had about 30 min/day (of 50 min /day cumulated) It is a part of the google maps location service and can be eliminated in google maps -> properties ("eigenschaften") -> location. It has to be done, even if google maps was never used before. A reboot and one day later i saw that the telefone-service use also about 6 min / day. Cumulated all services create about 20 min wakelock / day (about 12 h now). Energy-level is 50%, but the phone was heavily used today. normally i had to put it on power. during the night it need about 3 - 5%, so i can use it two days of heavily usage (about 45 min surfing, 15 min calling)
  2. What does "rewrite all config" mean... is it an ... improvement for the users or an improvement for the builder?
  3. Also Callmeter 3G has the "3 sec close" bug. Can confirm this! I hope i can update to the next release without reinstall all the stuff.
  4. The bluetooth-tip is working perfectly. I don't need bluetooth very often, but if i need it, there should be a procedure which will make me use it without rebooting or try and error a lot of time. Like yours! thx!
  5. This is the second time i miss an sms. This is what happend: I am in the SMS-Manager [!] (reading another sms etc.) and i get an SMS from a number, which has no conversation in the manager yes (this means: An SMS from a person i never got an SMS before last chat cleaning). Then i see the sms in the status-bar, but it will never appear in the sms manager. Can anyone prove this?
  6. not here! video previews are not available in gallerie, quickpic and also in whatsapp after uploading a video to friends. me myself an those who get this uploaded videofile only see a video icon instead of a thumbnail-picture captured out of the video. this happens only for the videos which are made with the integrated camera. videos sent from other phones or which are still on my sd-card from my old phone have a correct thumbnail. I'm not sure if videos work which are made with an older image with this phone.
  7. i have this problem, too. i think it is not fixed.
  8. Hi deamond, well, you solved a lot of problems with this image, so i don't want to deny your competence in any way. I just want to mention a thing that i have found out which helped me to be even more satisfied with this image. One of the most annoying issues about this image is the speed - which is not the fault of the developer, but a lack of the existing hardware. Maybe some users are willing to make a compromise while disabling this featured. I did.
  9. Tip: Scrolling and feeling is more fluent if you disable the dithering in performance options. Dithering is activated by default. The negative effect is a colorfringe on nearly homogeneous colored areas. It's often found in some menus which seems to have a single-coloured background, but actually have a slight color transition. Also here in the topic: The keyboard is much faster if you enable neighter sound nor vibration nor popup (disable all!). You'll see the currently pressed key in an emphrasized color anyway. BTW: The most anoying bug in the latest releases was in my opionion the missing hardware acceleration in the lockscreen. I'm happy to use this in the latest release and cannot find any of the described shift-image / shift-text bug. Great firmware! Thx a lot!