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  1. I do not get into recovery. locks the logo .. I pressed Volume Up + Power
  2. That is not for ICS CWM?
  3. How do CWM and unlock bootloader? I did Root ..2.3.6 - GB
  4. and have an idea instead of a room on gb?
  5. Gingerbread 2.3.6 GB . Original toggle please?
  6. Can you tell me how? are beginner.
  7. Good evening. How can that notifications bar again? 3g, wifi, and other stuff. I put the software and not have it.
  8. = ICS ROM. Baseband 2030. How do I change the band? 2.3.6 is like another band.
  9. I like b952 and b936 back at least to know that there are
  10. Good evening. I softu 4.0.3 and want to go back to 2.3.6 you can help me. We are beginning if possible step by step please?
  11. What do you mean they work? are new and do not know .. : | If I can explain and after to tell you. ? or can not I put good dload sites? Can you help me?
  12. Hello friends. First are new here and do not know much. If you can help me and get back to GB MNE. Now I want to return to b936 and b895. Please help me!
  13. So brother. I came back to try to do now b936 from b936 to b895 downgrade as you said on huaweidevice method.
  14. Yes, and that with b936 how do? to return to b936?
  15. Yeah I think. Download Android 4.0.3 Official Firmware - UK OTA - 07/09/2012 (V100R001C02B936)

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