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    Huawei Y300 Nokia Lumia 925
  1. Wow i love this rom and everything works good,thanks a lot :)
  2. Hi.... try from the playstore LGcamera o Snap Camera,its a bit better. ;)
  3. Nickyteen


    Yes.I installed it and works good :P
  4. Nickyteen

    Rom - (OptimusDAY 1.5)

    The author of the rom Corsoba said that it should run on Y300. In that Spanish site,a person installed it and works good. ^_^
  5. Hi Friends.... a new rom based on B179 in LGStyle by Corsoba Everything works good,even video recording 720p How to install: *wipe factory reset *install rom *install cust *wipe cache/dalvik cache *fix root OptimusDAY: https://docs.google....dit?usp=sharing https://docs.google....dit?usp=sharing For Rom information and Screenshots: http://www.htcmania....ad.php?t=635554
  6. Nickyteen

    Strifer's Rom - (G510-100/200)

    Well Radu like you said: its ok,good memory,why do you want something different? Buy a different phone then. I agree with Ken about CM10,but we are never happy.
  7. Nickyteen

    Strifer's Rom - (G510-100/200)

    Yes for me its a good rom. The author of the rom will do an update soon. To install: wipe factory, wipe cache e wipe dalvik.
  8. Hi friends.... found this rom at an italian site. Its based on B178 chinese,but adapted for Europe. All credits go to to: henry-umbert93. Give it a try. :) For rom information go here and use Google o Bing translate: http://www.androidia...weaked-ecc.html Strifer's Rom: https://mega.co.nz/#...R8EeSxyQ2wi6Iaw
  9. Nickyteen


    Yes thats right Radu.... its a good one,thank you!! :)
  10. Well this does'nt help. Maybe you did'nt go to the link. No problem,i try to do it myself.
  11. Hi friends.... i used Google Translate,but the translation is not so good. Can someone please explain how to do this? Thanks!! ;) http://www.htcmania.com/showthread.php?t=618791
  12. Rom and Link updated,above ;)
  13. Hi friends.... i would like to install this Rom,but my english is not my first language. What to do with root explore after you installed the Rom,thank you!! :) Give it a try ;) http://www.htcmania....ad.php?t=617577 Lunatic Pandora v1.1: https://docs.google....dit?usp=sharing
  14. Nickyteen

    latest software

    Thanks a lot for sharing this :)