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  1. ALAIN01UK

    Ask MoDaCo: the HTC One

    Help! I have just bought the amazing HTC One yesterday and have a problem when listening to music through the (supplied) headphones. The music seems to stutter all the time and randomly skips to different tracks which makes listening to music through the default player impossible, It only seems to happen when I put the phone in my pocket or if you shake it slightly (is there a 'shake' feature to jump to the next track?). I think I may be able to use the Google Player app instead but just need to know if there is a setting I may be overlooking or if this sounds like a definite fault? Also, when I plug in my headphones, the phone sometimes switches to the Google Now voice command, thinking I'm saying something and just cuts out the music. Any help would be very much appreciated...
  2. So disappointed to hear the HTC One is going to be delayed but 2 weeks or so isn't going to be much of a problem.