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  1. HTC One: Double Dip Hard Shell case

    User on AV Forums writes: HTC ONE..Don't use the HTC hard shell.... well i am a bit peeved, my ONE came yesterday, beautiful device, popped it into the official Hard case I bought in advance, was a happy camper. Took it out of the case last night to have a "naked" play if you like without the case, and noticed two marks on the ally back. One in the dead centre lines up with a moulding lump inside the red top cap of the case, the other to the right top corner. It is the case that has done this, and im really peed off. I have emailed HTC and await a response. Anyone else have this case? check the back of the phone at the top if you do..... http://www.avforums.com/forums/htc-mobile-phone-forum/1754402-htc-one-dont-use-htc-hard-shell.html