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  1. B960 to B952

    Hello everybody! I have B960 version intalled (official Vodafone PT) and I pretend to install the B952. Vodafone stuff slows my phone.. But I can't do that... Dload Method always result in error. Someone can give me a hand?
  2. Lastest Official Version

    What is the more recent? Australian? These two versions are free of bugs?
  3. Hello ! I'm looking for the lastest "clean" and official stock rom for my G300 ( without the operators stuff ). I read on some places that the notification bar did not exist in some versions. So what is the latest official version without these problems?
  4. Facebook Contacts

    I tested HaxSync and Contacts+, and I prefer HaxSync. I think it's the best choice! Thanks at all
  5. Facebook Contacts

    In Vodafone 4.0.3 rom, don't work. In Samsung Galaxy Ace works, but in Huawei not.
  6. Goodnight everyone! I'm sick of looking for answer to this question but always without success. I want to sync facebook contacts with my contacts. As it was with my old Galaxy Ace. I have all my contacts in my Gmail account, and would like to be able to associate contacts from facebook to take photos and be able to open facebook profile directly by contact. I apologize for the English, but the google translator is so .. eheh Someone can help me?
  7. [firmware] stock b960 Vodafone_PT

    Hi! The version uploaded via dropbox, has applications of vodafone? I urgently need a version with these applications to take the phone to the warranty.