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  1. Sound quality of the earphones

    Thank you! I ordered the Sony MH1C with microphone as it should work fine with HTC.
  2. Sound quality of the earphones

  3. Sense 5 and another launcher

    But you can't add UCCW widgets with Sense right? Only Nova/apex etc.. ?
  4. Sense 5 and another launcher

    Thank you Paul! Do you know any good Blinkfeed widget replacements? Flipboard widget? Coming from iOS, the beautiful home screens at sites such as mycolorscreen.com is very tempting :-)
  5. Sense 5 and another launcher

    I'm new to Android (been using iPhones since the first model). I have pre-ordered the HTC One and should be getting it in mid april. My question is about software. If I install another launcher, let say Nova launcher to get hold of the UCCW widgets, will Sense 5 work at the same time? If not, will Sense 5 work if I uninstall Nova? I assume that Blinkfeed won't work. Will HTC apps like Remote TV, camera app with Zoe work if Nova launcher is installed and running? Thanks!
  6. Sound quality of the earphones

    What is the durability and sound quality of the earphones you get with the phone? I use iPhone 4 with the original (not the newest iPhone 5 earphones) - which is better? Thanks!
  7. Ask MoDaCo: the HTC One