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  1. It only crashes when i'm trying to click on the place off current my friends location. I'll try to send a log. :)
  2. I'm sure i did it. (Full wipes). It seems i need to reinstall all again... Is there any back'up program to keep all email exchange settings, and other messages or settings alive after reflash? Google sync.isin use. Thanx!
  3. Yes, but i do not like it... Is it possible to make original huawei fm?
  4. It means that all with this rom is cool ;) But my Google Maps Latitude is crashing :)
  5. Installed this. It seems, that data usage is much more less than without this app.
  6. I've got several crashes when used google latitude and pressed on friends location map view. Then maps service and Nova launcher services stopped working (a lot of Errors on the screen). After reboot it is ok. Could anybody check it? Or it is just only for me? Sorry for no log...
  7. Keep going Kyan. ROM is fantastic. No problems at all. After full wipe :)
  8. @all Few people complained about network drops. I don't feel any drops. Anybody could write details? Just interested.
  9. Finally Solved a problem. Made full wipes and reflashed V2. Exchange is working! Thanks Kyan! Well done!
  10. Don't worry, i'm getting to it. I just have a lot on my mind right now ;) I very hope. Just I can't use phone without it... Mobile Business :)
  11. I'm back to V1 because of email/exchange not working on V2. Kyan, keep going!

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