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  1. The phone would be very hot when charging and time is not synchronized occasionally
  2. Burstlam is working for Galaxy Nexus I9250 now,he's blade has been broken for a long time
  3. Thank you very much!It's perfect for me,you are great!
  4. Perfect!I download a latest CM10.1 Rom from the offical website of CM 10.1,then I pick up the lockclock.apk and replace the one on my phone,reboot,now it is working fine!thank you very much!!! :D
  5. It seems that Yahoo changed their API. http://review.cyanog....org/#/c/35045/ Thank you for your reply,but I still don't know how to solve it,I lack the knowledge of Android.Could you please tell me the way in a easy and detail way?Sorry to trouble you! :)
  6. There is something wrong with my blade, the Yahoo weather of lock clock unable to query the location,can anyone solve it? (sorry for my bad English)